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... meeting/barbecue took place in my humble garage tonight. The food was fair but the drinks were a plenty. There are still adjustments to be done but most of it is accomplished. The best part... I only had to provide the venue.

For most of the evening I hung out with the "non-scheduling" folk on the outside eating and drinking while the song from the clip in yesterday's post kept running through my head. Yet another distraction away from the write... but this was a pleasant one as I have been deprived of company for a while in this self-imposed prison. Though I will say that I have an inkling that tomorrow afternoon may just be the blast off to no return. (One can only hope.) And If my abilities of deduction are still as acute as it use to be... it will be a non-stop 36 hour spew on the script from this mangy brain. But for now I will slurp on the wine left over and slide into the ether of the evening.

I was thinking today... as much as I float on a natural high through the act of creation it still humbles me to no end. I am constantly faced with my own fallibility during these periods. Not so much a case of second guessing but more a sense of dread that I know not what I do. There is this strange mixture of urgency to get it done swirled in with a dollop of solace that somehow it will be accomplished. I can sit and stew over 3 lines for an eternity... like it's some tie-breaker that will cause a shift in the axis of the earth. Yet in the periods when the write does flow free it almost seems as if my mind is a vacuum as the words splatter onto a page. Perhaps it is true that those who are the most accomplished in the arts are those that require less thought... that somehow they achieve by opening themselves to be a conduit for that which needs no explanation. All I know is that once it is done I forget what is and how it got there.

So, here is one of the last write-tracks you will get from me. Savor it while you can. Once the write stops... so will the tracks. Hope this helps to set up your week. Cheers!

The selection for the WRITE-TRACK for today can be found HERE. (Hint: If you right-click and "save target/link as..." you'll be able to download it to your computer.)

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