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I was doing a little surfing today and ran across a movie that I originally featured on this post. Someone had actually uploaded it onto google videos. So, I watched it. Even doubling the screen size the quality wasn't bad (that is after I downloaded it to the computer... which you can do on google). So, if you want to watch it... CLICK HERE to start! Shout-out to Kien especially!

I have to say that it's still a very cute and sweet movie about puppy love... and I was actually surprised that how well it still holds together even today. Though probably because I had first watched it when I was 12 or 13 in the cinema it held a few more memories for me. Yes, all us guys had huge crushes on Tracey Hyde... and I was reminded why when I watched it again. There is also a scene where the boys take the bus to the West End of London after school instead of heading straight home... just to walk the streets and hang out that brought flashbacks of my younger self gallivanting through the city I grew up in. I remember my 12 year old mind thinking "Hey, I do that!" My present mind experiencing the scene again smirked "I remember doing that."

How the simple and mundane act of walking city streets seemed like such an adventure at that age... actually it still is. I love walking city streets and not going anywhere in particular. Any direction taken was decided on a whim and where you ended up always a delight in discovery. It didn't matter if you had been there before or not... there was always something new to see, experience and enjoy... just the journey brought pleasure.

It's still one of my favorite things to do when I go up to San Francisco these days... so, perhaps I really have not lost that part of my youth.

For something shorter and a little freaky... watch below.

jerome murat
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