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Here are some more sites to check out!

This flash site does some fun things with famous names.

Speaking of famous names... (other than you... ) find out who else shares your birthday here.

Now this is snow sculpture!

O.K.... you folks across the pond... what the heck is this? You should find these places and take pics out front!

Perhaps I'll write more later today.

7 Responses to “Sites, sites, sites...”

  1. Blogger vertebrate 

    Hey, Doc Watson is my birthday buddy! And uh.. how about "Curl Up And Dye" for a hairdresser?

  2. Blogger airplanejayne 

    hey - I already knew i was born on Guy Fawkes day....but didn't know that Vivien Leigh was also on my day!
    So do I go to London for my birthday and burn effigies, or go to burn Atlanta down?


  3. Blogger kien lim 

    Vic Morrow is a worthy birthday buddy...

  4. Blogger jade ed girl 

    Not much in common with Mozart or Baryshnikov. Not musically inclined and can't dance.
    Ahh, but then there's Donna Reed and Lewis Carroll. Can throw a decent dinner party and may have ventured through the looking glass a time or two.

  5. Blogger Lelly 

    Already knew Ponce had the same birthday as me. There is a shoe shop in Brighton called R Soles...subtle eh!

  6. Blogger kien lim 

    Hey, there's an R Soles in King's Road in London too. Beautiful cowboy boots with a hefty price tag.

  7. Blogger Lelly 

    Hi Lecram
    getting more adept at this blogging thang and have uploaded a photo that might interest you and your mum.
    PS how do I add links without them looking like a bulleted list?
    Any advice gratefully received!

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