Dancing with the Green Fairy

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She journeyed from across the ocean imprisoned in her slim elegant bottle and tucked away between the softness of worn garments. Arriving on these shores last Thursday, her anticipated freedom was unceremoniously postponed for reasons unavoidable. She waited patiently knowing the allure of her seduction could only be contained for so long. Soon she would once again consume by being consumed.

fairy in a bottle Posted by Hello

Waiting was no stranger to her. Before her recent flight she had waited on the oak shelf sheltered in the old store where potential lovers came and went. She spent the waiting hours reminiscing the foibles and accomplishments of past lovers whom she had granted her delicate but potent charms. The multitude had included poets and princes. Who would be next? Who would dare take on her insidious and sensuous challenge?

It was just then she felt movement. A knowing filled her being. Her full lips curled slightly betraying a sly smile. She had been acquired. Curiosity piqued as she squinted and strained for a glimpse of her new paramour through the frosted glass. This futile exercise only provided undefined and blurry shapes. The warmth radiating from the hands that caressed the bottle provided the only clue. She was his now… and he would soon be hers.

Now on the shores of a new land, she continued down her memory path smiling fondly at the pleasure, inspiration and madness she had past ignited. Next to her the empty vessel that once contained a now lost sister sat empty – the trophy of a conquest. Had this sister fired inspiration or tormented insanity? It was really of no consequence. She knew the memory of her sister was instrumental with her presence here today.

She felt another movement. The hour had arrived. She prepared herself. Soon her spicy sweetness would be consumed and she in turn would envelop her consumer.

A blast of fresh air rushed in as the bottle was uncorked. From the narrow opening she finally caught sight of her keeper. There were two of them. Neither a poet nor a prince, but that did not disqualify them from sampling her charms.

seduction of the green fairy Posted by Hello

They took in the breath of her essence. Heady and excited they finally released her from the frosted prison that had been her home for so long. She swirled into their cups which they raised in salutation and drank in her delights. The dance had begun. With this consummation she knew that for now they would belong to her alone.

4 Responses to “Dancing with the Green Fairy”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I'm intoxicated already!

  2. Blogger airplanejayne 

    Prendre garde, mon ami.
    La Fee Verte looks related to the women that were on the wall at Daily Planet.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    i recently was given a similar bottle,but the fairy inside turned out to be a real bitch.
    Despite the fact i treated her with respect and carefully followed procedure,i did not get the sublime trip you describe,instead woke up next morning with big fairy bootmarks on the inside of my head.
    Luck of the luddite to get Sterno from Prague.

  4. Blogger thereminman 

    yeah, um.....I dig those Hemmingway/Stein/Fitzgerald novels and all, and even have a full collection of Led Zeppelin albums....but both in Prague and New Orleans.....it tasted sort of like Niquel to me.
    (but it was damn sexy in prague with the gal (if only she'd been a brunette--see "northern exposure" comments) kneeled down and lit the spoon of sugar and liquid on fire...I asked 'so when's the needle come out'

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