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I would like to thank all of you who participated in the Cybercue… and even those of you who were not able to connect but had one anyway… THANKS! We’ll try it again some time (hopefully soon) with a dry run on the connection first.

To any others out there who are reading this blog and are interested in participating in the next one… chime in by running a comment here.

I’m actually subbing for a friend at work today. The lesson plans are all prepared “packets” which leaves me free to blog and surf. Yeh, easy money!

I’ve been watching episodes from the third season of Northern Exposure of late. When it was first run in the early 90’s it was one of my favorite shows. Watching it again has been like reconnecting with an old friend. As a playwright I still derive quite a bit of inspiration from the crisp writing and quirky storylines that manage to weave into its fabric simple but thought provoking profundities.

The only unfortunate thing is that this DVD release has stripped some of the songs that were featured in the original episode soundtrack – copyright issues I guess. Too bad. From a directing standpoint it was one of the best uses of music I have come across. Songs were pointedly utilized to comment, juxtapose or enhance a particular scene or situation. Besides that they were just plain good songs. Nevertheless, it's still a damn good watch.

11 Responses to “Thanks for the Cyberque...”

  1. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    northern exposure? don't recall that. but i know a good southern one you can see.

  2. Blogger jade ed girl 

    I'm enjoying season one right now. It fell out of the back of the truck of this hot Malayasian I met dancing on Saturday:)
    I love "Alias" so much due in large part to the excellent use of music as well. The first episode had a funeral with Peter Gabriel's "Here Come's the Flood" playing. That hooked me!

  3. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Yeah, I remember that.

  4. Blogger Lelly 

    I used to like Northern Exposure too. had my hair cut short like the girl who starred in it...couldn't get away with that now, too many chins! I'm up for another try at the cyberque. How 'bout naming the participants at yours Lecram?
    We had: other half - Steve brother - Tony (one of the damn vegans!) brother's girlfie's son - Jan
    5.Andy (our 'surrogate son'...we felt like his parents when he lodged with us...and we're old enough!)
    6.Pedro - recently returned from living in the Canaries (why???)
    7.Baz (another damn vegan!!)
    8.Baz's girlfy the beautiful Anna

  5. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Here is roster from here:

    1. SSM
    2. Airplanejayne
    3. Jade
    4. CJ (the big and friendly)
    5. CJ's wife
    6. Jaguar (Devon's better half)
    7. Devon (Jaguar's better half)
    8. Jen (we call her "mumbles")
    9. Carri (the Salsa Queen)
    10 Thereminman
    11. Cindy (Nate's wife)

    Oh yeah... me.

    The gig at the Beetles... thats a whole different story. That one is still under investigation with the cops.

  6. Blogger Lelly 

    Yeh, but which one in your pics is Jade? (I know what AJp and SSM look like already)Any of 'em YOUR better half, mmm???

  7. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Jade is the one in red in the "Fresno 4" pic.

    As for my better half... that depends on what week it is. lol. Actually she decided years ago that I wasn't better by half and now lives in San Jose. (I'm a better ex-husband than I was a husband.) We are still very good friends though. So, at present I'm a "floater." lol!

  8. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    i know something else that floats...

  9. Blogger jade ed girl 

    Yeah Jade is the one with the frighteningly yellow hair. Did it really look like that? No matter- next day, after I saw the post, I dyed it brown:)

  10. Blogger airplanejayne 

    your hair did not look that yellow. and to prove I'm right... look at pic of Lecram with two "babes" - the blondes top was not chartreuse, it was pale blue.....

  11. Blogger thereminman 

    Hello Lecram--YEAH! Northern Exposure!

    Hello Jade Ed--YEAH! Here Comes the Flood ! OH YEAh--cool version on Fripp's first solo album too--same song, but sparser arrangement.

    Hello Jade Ed again,
    thereminman's brother was on an episode of Northern Exposure....something about a Bear?
    He was eating breakfast in that restaruant the old guy and the Barbie girl ran. No speaking, just sitting.

    Hello AlL, yeah, the short haired pilot girl. YEAH! (I've a think for brunettes) (don't tell my wife)
    (ok, go ahead and tell her, she's one herself!)

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