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Since this is a new game I thought I'd feature links to those who participated. Before any fights break out... Paltry prizes were/are awarded to the first 20 who commented on the original post saying that they played... and actually did! BTW, I thought ALL of you did beautifully and exercised oodles of creativity!!!

I may have a variation of this game in the weeks to come. In the meantime, enjoy the wondrous imaginations of these folk!

Hmm... with the tagging it'll be interesting to track how far in the cyber world this travels. I'll update as they come in. cheers!

UPDATE 6:37 PM: Those with prizes... feel free to critique.

UPDATE: 4:27, 11/11/05: PRIZE COUNT: 13 - only 7 more to go!
Posts of "Flip.." for a Prize ends at midnight tonight! After that I will release it into the blog universe to float or die.

18 Responses to “FLIP, PICK & RIFF - UPDATE!”

  1. Blogger Maverick 

    Let me know when we play again! I think I may make a special effort to visit the http://www.nanowrimo.org site afterall. Thanks for getting me started!

    Spitting in a Wishing Well

  2. Blogger Tish 

    I had so much fun reading through all these! Everyone did a fantastic job!

  3. Blogger lecram sinun 

    s - I will let you know. Good luck on the writing.

    tish - I agree. So far everyone rocked! I think there will be a few more tomorrow. I'll update as they come in.

    Hope both of you like your prize.

  4. Blogger Tish 

    Lecram, thanks for the prize! I'm going to read it tonight! I absolutely LOVE theatre! I have season passes to the local theatre here. Wish I were close enough to see some of your stuff! I'll let you know what I think of the prize! Oh, and my friend Barry has done the Flip, Pick, and Riff. He also works in theatre. Check out his page. :) And have a great night!

  5. Blogger patrickteoh 

    Hi Lecram. It's a great game. Would you mind if I started it on my blog too? Thanks for the comments and the nostalgia on my site.

  6. Blogger blue1aqua1 

    i would have done it but im so not that creative. i hurt my brain trying to come up with something for my pic so i gave up. maybe next time. have a great weekend :)

  7. Blogger lecram sinun 

    s & tish - glad yuou had fun. Thanks for playing.

    patrick - you are welcome to it.

    blue1aqua1 - maybe next time. :)

  8. Blogger truth 

    lecram - Lily tagged me with this so I posted one on mine today! What a wonderful thing! Check mine out at truthasavirtue.blogspot.com

  9. Blogger KFarmer 

    LS- I tried, really, but the words I kept coming up with were really rotten (mycetoma for instance). I figured it was not to be. It seemed like cheating to keep picking until I found a word I liked.

  10. Blogger lecram sinun 

    kfarmer - it's OK to cheat. A friend emailed me and said that he used his sister's copy of People Magazine o find a word. LOL!

    And you get a prize just for trying!

  11. Blogger MamaKBear 

    Hey I played..got tagged by goobergrl.

    Mine's kinda lame..but I played!

  12. Blogger Thomcat 

    i had a blast with this ... but still no prize, but that's ok ... i cracked my self up AND other people's writings cracked me up ... so everyone is a winner!

  13. Blogger gigi 

    Crap! Missed the bus. Next time!

  14. Blogger lecram sinun 

    thomcat_13 - check your email for the prize.

    gigi - there is still time to play for a prize.

  15. Blogger snavy 

    This was so much fun! It's still going round too!! Yay!! Ty for the prize - it's so great!!

  16. Blogger lecram sinun 

    snavylyn - glad you enjoyed playing... and for liking the prize. :)

  17. Blogger lime 

    i played along at houseoflime. great game. love the creativity! hope you like the results

  18. Blogger Ariella 

    Oh, I played as well, bit late on the notification

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