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I know it's just the season. The weather was cold and dank earlier last week. Now it's wet and dank- it has rained off and on since Friday. But this is the season. The cold is expected to make a triumphant return tomorrow... along with his friend Mr. Fog.

It also is the season when I avoid driving to certain parts of town... actually, it's the season I avoid driving altogether. It's almost as if one can feel the levels of stress on the road. Everybody grabbing tight on to their steering wheels with an icy intent in their eyes to make this the best goddamn holiday season ever!
I was supposed to go out to a staff party on Friday but couldn't. I stayed home instead and decompressed. I think it was needed. Besides, my presence was needed at home.

Saturday was a full day of chores around the house assisted by one of my students. He's been earning money every weekend by helping me around the house. His weekend was brightened by the fact that he earned enough to get his very own cellphone. Later that night I attended an annual event that Fingers B puts on. There was drinks, eats and more importantly time shared with some friends.

Our lives together began on shared experiences and now experiences are shared less and less. The business of life has deflected all of us on to different paths... but it is always reassuring to share adventures, warmth and laughter when we do converge.
Today I'm beginning a (short) daily feature on writing about my favorite seasonal movies.

Frank Capra's It's A Wonderful Life

This holiday classic never fails to get me every year. It's amazing to think that it originally bombed when it was first released.

Yes, it's schmaltzy... but it's damn good schmaltz. Nothing is over wrought and everything is served up just right. I've always likened it to a bizarro version of "A Christmas Carol" - one in which Bob Cratchit has a nervous breakdown.

It's one of those movies with perfect casting. Jimmy's "George Bailey" has just the right amount of lovable crabbiness, the wholesome sexiness of Donna Reed's "Mary" and the unapologetic business coldness of Barrymore's "Mr. Potter" all stirred up in the perfect seasonal stew. Sort of like a great helping of "comfort food" for the holidays.

Favorite Scene: The eve of their honeymoon and George comes "home" to the old leaky abandoned house. His plans for a trip to some place exotic has been twated by the crash of the stock market... and has spent all the "honeymoon money" to save the Savings and Loan. He enters the house that Mary (with the help of Bert and Ernie) have decorated with travel posters. His look of wonder when he sees her and her loving effort to make the ordinary... extraordinary... is priceless. That scene never fails to tear me up.

Sexiest Scene: The phone call - you know the one... hot!

EDIT: Go to my friend Zonthar's blog for more takes on seasonal movies. And if you have a thing about chocolates (Cadbury especially) go read Dragion's take on it!

8 Responses to “All in all...”

  1. Blogger KFarmer 

    You will probably think I live in a hole in the wall, but I have never sat down and watched that movie. Everyone tells me how good it is, but given say reading a book or watching TV- my nose is pointed down. ;>)

    Just this past week I have read Ann Rice's new novel of Jesus and Memoirs of a Geisha. AR book- ok, MoG-thumbs up.

    Glad you had a nice time w/your friends. You are right about this time of year- I try to stay out of their way myself... Home making cookies-that's whats good for you!

  2. Blogger lime 

    oh this will be a fun series! i can't wait to read your other comments on other movies too.

    i have to say i need my 'charlie brown christmas', the original animated version of the 'grinch' and 'a christmas story.' those are my 3 all time favorites.

  3. Blogger Sasha 

    i'm afraid i haven't seen "it's a wonderful life" yet but i'll try to. especially now that it comes with a great recommendation :)

    have a good season Lecram... and don't mind the dankness. it's (almost) christmas!

  4. Blogger lecram sinun 

    kfarmer - It's worth a look-see for sure!

    lime - I love those too. More to come - stay tuned! :)

    sasha - you too have a good season. Yeah, it's one of those movies that I thought was overrated for a long time until I spent the time watching it.

  5. Blogger the_mrs 

    I love this movie--it's so great :)

    I know what you mean about feeling people's stress while they're driving---my sister in law just got into a car accident last night because someone was zipping down the road too fast. MERRY FREAKIN' CHRISTMAS! LOL

  6. Blogger thereminman 

    The honeymoon night---yeah, me too.
    But, the sexy phone call? The one where Baily berates the schoolteacher?....Ok, you must mean another one, time to break out the dvd.

  7. Blogger lecram sinun 

    the_mrs - sorry to hear about your sister!

    thereminman - It's the one with them talking to Sam in NY.

  8. Blogger Trashed 

    This is my favourite Christmas movie. Can sit down and watch it every year.

    Merry X'mas to you lecram and to edurterg as well.

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