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Had another meeting tonight so, couldn't do the gift thing as per Os's instructions. To all you bloggers and especially the HNT crowd... Have a bloody great one!

Now for the seasonal movie post for today...


The first time I watched this movie I was instantly transported back to my own childhood. Strange, considering I grew up in a tropical (equatorial, as my teachers would often insist) climate halfway around the world. So, how could this movie about a kid living in the snowy Mid-West (based on the stories of Jean Shepherd... who also wrote the screenplay and narrates) have anything in common with me? Everything!

That's part of the magic of this movie. The hopes, fears, expectations and vivid but earnest fantasies of Ralphie cuts across cultures and time. His obsession with the Red Ryder BB gun is similar to mine at aged 7 with an 8mm movie projector that I so desperately wanted for Christmas that year. I lobbied my parents HARD for it... only to receive lukewarm responses (at best) from them. I fantasized about how I would set up movie screenings in my neighborhood... and be hailed a hero for doing so. In one fantasy Julie Andrews (who I had a severe little boy crush on) shows up as I'm screening "The Sound Of Music". She is so impressed that we drive off in her limo to the local A&W for chocolate shakes and curly-Q-fries. As a result my own celebrity status is so supreme that people point to me and speak in hushed tones wherever I go. All of this would and could happen if I only had that projector! Alas, that Christmas I got my first bicycle (with training wheels) ... and forgot all about the projector. Santa brought me the projector following Christmas... problem with the mail, I think. I was over my projector obsession but still delighted to receive it and often screened the 4 reels I got (over and over again) under my bed.

Yes... I love this movie! So much so, I've been tempted to buy this on several occasions. Afterall, I did create this when I was younger... and it is a "Major Award"! It's ELECTRIC SEX, I tell ya!

Favorite Scene/s: Once again there are lots and lots... here are a few: 1.) The whole FRA-GEE-LEH scene never fails to bust me up. 2.) Tongue-on-the-frozen-flagpole scene is so totally true! 3.) The singing Chinese waiters with severe "R" and "L" substitutions.

Sexiest Scene: OK... Raphie's teacher is kinda hot... especially in that witch costume. Woof!

For more on this series of "seasonal movies"... check my last 3 postings.

16 Responses to “And another...”

  1. Blogger the bellyacher 

    i linked to you too!! yay!!

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    bria - way yay!!!

  3. Blogger lime 

    LOVE this movie! love it love it love it! i don' t think i could even begin to pick a favorite scene. a friend once told me they saw me as being kind of akin to the mother in the movie, the scene where she lets the kid brother hide under the sink and the bit where she convinces him to eat the mashed potatoes. not sure how accurate that is but it made me laugh anyway.

  4. Blogger MomThatsNuts 

    Happy HNT and Merry Christmas to you~~~~


  5. Blogger the_mrs 

    When that kid gets his tounge stuck, and then he starts screaming like a husband and I just have to rewind that part and watch it 3 or 4 times! :)

    One of my fav. scenes is where Ralphie says, "And then I said it. The Mother of All Cuss Words" That just cracks me up! :)

  6. Blogger Furzl 

    Wishing you a great peaceful christmas and new year

  7. Blogger Wenchy 

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Blogger Pieces of Me 

    thanks for the nice comment on my HNT!! HHNT and Merry Christmas!!

  9. Blogger Zonthar 

    Strangely enough, considering my love of Christmas and the big-kid aspects of my nature, it took me a while to warm up to this movie (I know I'm pretty much alone in this). Don't get me wrong, I like it now- I think it's because when it first came out in the 80s, I was in the midst of my most artistically pretentious phase of young adulthood, and I thought that technically, this movie looked like crap- which it still does, but now it seems charming and atmospheric. I've also never actually sat down and watched it from beginning to end, although if you put together all the bits and pieces I've caught on TV, I've seen the whole thing many times.

    BTW, I knew you'd comment on the R and L substitution! :)

    I love the fact that the other movie Bob Clark is primarily known for is "Porky's".

  10. Blogger lecram sinun 

    lime - yeah, you were waiting for this one, huh? lol!

    MomThatsNuts - happy happy to you too! :)

    the_mrs - yeah, that kid does cry like a girl... stomping feet and all!

    Furzl & Wenchy - you guys have a great one as well!

    Pieces of Me - and same to you! :)

    zonthar - I had the same reaction when I first watched it... but the charm of the story quickly warmed me to it. BTW how could I NOT comment on the singing waiters! LOL!

  11. Blogger Best of Blogger 

    Gee... I'm such a loser. I've never seen this movie.

  12. Anonymous steph 

    I'm just so sad now that 'Ralphie,' lovable Ralphie, is doing horrible porn movies. That clip they always show on E! of him sloppykissing some poor paid bimbo always makes me sick.

    It's a wonderful classic, tho, and since it is so great, it's no wonder Zonthar he don't like it no none.

  13. Blogger Zonthar 

    I don't know about the sloppykissing porn clip, but Peter Billingsley is mostly a producer now. He did make an extended uncredited cameo in "Elf", another Christmas movie that I actually expected to hate but really enjoyed.

    As to your second paragraph.... huh? Have I just been dissed in dialect?

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