Had a meeting tonight...

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... and it was O.K. There is still lots more to do... but that's for a different post. So,. since I have nothing else to say... lets roll on to the seasonal movie post for today...


This movie has actually climbed up the ranks as one of my favorite seasonal movies. (Although I could watch this one pretty much anytime of the year.) Before he watched it scarysquirrelman asked me for my take on it and I promptly replied, "Unabashedly Romantic". He scowled and hrumphed but borrowed it to watch anyway... and liked it. How is that for a recommendation? BTW guys... it's also a great date movie! Really! A really great date movie - holiday or otherwise!

The movie follows 8 separate storylines that span the 5 week period leading up to Christmas. The characters from each storyline intersect with the others but each storyline is a vignette (unto itself) exploring various aspects of "love". It's romantic, funny, sad, and touching all at once. In a recent conversation with my friend Zonthar, he noted that the movie had a "liberal amount of flesh and profanity". Yes, it is true (so, Mom and Dad, lets not keep the kids up for this one)... but I also think these very elements do help balance off those somewhat syrupy "Richard Curtis moments."

It was written and directed by (said) Richard Curtis who has over the years become pretty famous for penning romantic comedies such as The Tall Guy, the Bridget Jones movies, Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral among others. Personally I think the movie pays sly homage to many of his earlier movies. For instance, there is both a wedding and a funeral in it (hmmm) ... and (my personal opinion) Emma Thompson's character seems to be an extention of the good natured, no nonsense character she played in The Tall Guy. And the cast! Damn, talk about a HUGE, amazing, talented cast!

Sasha has already chimed in on commenting about her favorite scene from this movie in an earlier post.
"... the "to me, you are perfect" flash cards to keira knightley! :)"

Here are mine:

Favorite Scene/s: There are actually quite a few... but here are a few: 1.) All the scenes involving "Jamie" (played by Colin Firth) and "Auerilia" (played be Lucia Muniz) conversing in their own languages to each other. He is an English writer and she is a Portuguese house keeper... neither of them speak a common language. 2.) The quiet devestation that Emma Thompson goes through when she gets a certain Christmas gift... all the while expecting another. 3.) The wedding and the funeral. (an homage?)

Sexiest Scene: Actually, I think the whole damn movie is sexy. It's smart, sexy, thoughtful, sad, ... almost a sure thing on a date!

For the last seasonal movie... see the post below!

9 Responses to “Had a meeting tonight...”

  1. Blogger Lelly 

    I've not seen this film, but would like to. I enjoyed Curtis's '4 weddings...'(despite the fact that Hugh Grant was in it) but found 'Notting Hill'rather patronising...seemed to be playing up to an overly idealiized, sanitized version of London AND it had that bummbling, stumbling twat Hugh Grant in it!(although Rhys Ifans made up in part for that)
    An aquaintance of mine, Laura, was an extra in NH...there's a scene where the twat walks through the market as the cycle of seasons go round, and Laura is shown pregnant at the start of the scene and carrying her baby at the end!
    I shall give 'Love Actually' a try on your recommendation...despite the fact that the twat is in it, playing his ubiquitous 'typically- British-anally-retentive-but ultimately-loveable-upper-class-genckleman-but-this-time-as-Prime Minister" to Martine's 'diamond-salt-of-the-earth-gor-blimey-cockernee-lass' (so no type-casting there either, then!)
    There are lots of talented people in the film, I hear...and I DO like Colin Firth! :-)

    I'm sorry...am I ranting??!

  2. Blogger KFarmer 

    another good one to put on the list-

  3. Blogger Sasha 

    lecram, it's only now i realize how i also like that scene where emma thompson gets the joni mitchell cd. i could feel my heart literally breaking when i saw that one... especially when she tried so hard to act all brave in front of the children...

    i also liked that scene with laura linney and her brother, it was christmas and they only had each other... it was such a picture of selfless love, so much so that laura had to give up her love for her man because she knows she had to be there for her brother, who needed her more...

    and lastly, this scene:
    JAMIE: "It is the saddest part of my day... driving you."
    AURELIA: "It is the saddest part of my day... leaving you." ~ or something to that effect. AWWww shucks...

    i gotta go see it again. :)

  4. Blogger lecram sinun 

    lelly - hmm... issues with the twat? lol! ;)

    kfarmer - and there're more to come. ;)

    sasha - yeah, the laura linney one is a tough storyline. And yes, the segment "driving..." ::sigh:: BTW if you can... try to get a hold of The Tall Guy too! :)

  5. Blogger kellywalters 

    * spews*

    love movies make me hurl.. sorry

  6. Blogger lecram sinun 

    roximoon - no need to apologize... we all have our likes and dislikes. :)

  7. Blogger Rain 

    ... Christmas is all around us, and everywhere we go... Besides the "prompt cards" scene, I liked the rush-to-the-airport-to-kiss-da-gal. :)
    And Olivia Olson can sure sing a helluva version of "All I Want for Xmas".

  8. Blogger lecram sinun 

    rain - yeah, that little gal sure had some talented pipes!

  9. Blogger Best of Blogger 

    O.K. I've seen this one and loved it.

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