floating on thin air

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I've been walking around like a zombie for the last few days. It hasn't been as bad as in previous years... but it's still there. All of us are experiencing it in one form or another. Intense activity and stimuli overload... then the event is over... your body is still in forward motion but your brain has totally shut off. This is now known around these parts as the "post rogue syndrome." Time for a de-roguing barbecue.

What is interesting is the process of getting back to real life. Not that real life is bland but after a few weeks of being a rock star... it can be quite the jolt. It doesn't affect me as badly now... but it's fun observing the stupor of the gang as they try to make sense of the mundane.

Anyway... have a great weekend!

13 Responses to “floating on thin air”

  1. Blogger dusty 

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend..you sure deserve it :)

    Sorry the weather was so bad the final day. I am glad you still had a good turnout, I just couldn't do the long drive, in the dark and rain,sleet and all that stuff..

  2. Blogger Solitaire 

    I'm in desperate need of a de-rogue-ing... when's the bbq??

    sigh... back to the grind I guess!

  3. Blogger lecram sinun 

    dusty - yeah, too bad you didn't make it... perhaps next year.

    sol - I think weekend of April 1.

  4. Blogger airplanejayne 

    okay, even tho' I didn't get "rogued" I still wanna de-rogue, 'kay?



  5. Blogger lecram sinun 

    apj - only after all accounts are settled. :)

  6. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    heh. you said...um...dammit, you didn't say anything riffable. what is it with you people and not using misinterpretable words?!?

  7. Blogger 212designs 

    these were the nights you'd fing us playing strip chinese firedrill after a show,...

    yes we really did strip and run around the car in major intersections,...

    so when we grow up we barbecue hu?

    well see... lol

  8. Blogger thereminman 

    I found the 'day after' to be incredibly pleasurable. So much so, that for a brief moment I even considered starting my own blog so I could write a whole big thing about it. Putting my feet up. Listening to my stereo. Reading a magazine. Man! People live like this? Do some people get to do this on weekends....all the time?
    It wasn't the joy that "the Rogue is finally over" , it was a real feeling of satisfaction that we all had really done something---ask my wife, after doing something, I usually only allow myself a small amount of time before I'm pacing and wanting to do it again (ah, half way through the sentence I could see Joel wanting to do some riffing on that one)---but with the Rogue I was.....[to continue the alluded to metaphor?]
    a happily spent man.
    And I'm still feeling good.
    Go Rogue!

  9. Blogger lecram sinun 

    ssm - sorry no riff material.

    212designs - a lot of folks got their rogue on at the big party... though the chinese firedrill sounds like fun. :)

    thereminman - I'm still picking up equiptment , man.

  10. Blogger Tish 

    I hope I can make it out next year for the Festival! :)

  11. Blogger lime 

    ah yes, decompression. it's always fun to watch the zombies, hehehe

  12. Blogger lecram sinun 

    tish - Hope you can too! :)

    lime - I think there's a show in there somewhere. LOL!

  13. Anonymous Tommy Gunn 

    Dude, I was going to give you a little time to take it all in and decompress. I'm glad to see you survived it all. Oh and won't you be attending next year as a spectator? Have a great week man. Later.

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