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March 2
Woke up at 4 to do a TV live remote for the morning show. It was a good thing that I took off work. What I thought was going to be an easier day turned out to be a harried run-around, putting out fires before the event even began kinda day.

By the time evening came I made the opening of HNT @ the Rogue my first obligation. Javawava was packed and folks were milling looking a little stunned by what was on the big screen. It was great for Monkey to take the time and trouble to come by. Performers were also coming in on rotation to shill their shows and this only added to the already crazy carnival vibe.

I hopped on to our other Rogue galleries at 7:30 ish and finally ended up at Full Circle Brewery where their stage was used as a "Rogue Sampler" for many of the acts. Our circus had spread downtown.

Then it was time to close out the night under the tent at Veni Vidi Vici with bites and drinks.

March 3
I woke up knowing that today was when the madness would really begin. I managed to sneak a little time to go over my show but was constantly interrupted by phone calls. I finally gave up and went out to deal with harried venue managers. There was also a fair amount of last minute printing that had to be done.

By the time the first show began things were still a little crazy. I finally decided that it was time that people handled their own responsibilities. I bounced to all our venues making sure that our volunteers were doing what they were supposed to do. Then I get a call and find out that Saturday's "Late-Nite" DJ had double booked himself. Scramble again... but I manage to find a replacement.

I hit the sack early... at midnight because my show was opening the next day.... and as of the moment I have only had 2 hours of rehearsals. Yipes!

more to come!

7 Responses to “Rogue Impressions...”

  1. Blogger Lelly 

    Hey Cuz, that's a great review you got in the Fresno Bee...congratulations! Sounds like a fascinating performance too...would have loved to have heard it...would be wonderful to have furhter insight into the 'nunis clan' and life in Malaysia.

  2. Blogger Solitaire 

    I'm loving this daily reflection. Awesome!

    Thanks again M!

  3. Blogger 212designs 

    the sweat smells different when you are sweating for a show,.. i swear it does,....
    like the added creativity makes it sweeter,..


    i wish i were a mouse,..
    and then you could put me in your pocket,...


  4. Blogger marcel 

    lelly, it was mainly the exotic but goofy adventures of your Uncle Harold. I think you would have been amused. :)

    sol - I'm planning to finish most of it by tonight while I still have memory.

    heather, a sweat smelling mouse, huh? Could be a show there! LOL!

  5. Blogger airplanejayne 

    hurry up all ready!!!!!


  6. Blogger Solitaire 

    ok.... so I followed Paul's example and sang for you all to laugh at...

    let me know what you think...

  7. Blogger Mustang 



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