My show made the Bee's Top 5?!!

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You can read all about it from today's papers here!

Here is a multimedia clip from the Beehive.

And of course... even more photos from Wednesday's shows.

And tonight at 7 PST we kick up HNT @ the Rogue again!

6 Responses to “My show made the Bee's Top 5?!!”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    YAY! ah man, i'm so proud of ya!

  2. Blogger Solitaire 

    OH MY GOD!!!!! Love's Fire made it too! I'm so happy!

    Damn my leg's hot!


  3. Blogger MacManus 

    If I had have known lecram had such hot legs I woulda hit on hit months ago ;) HHNT mate

  4. Blogger Zonthar 

    Okay, coupla things-

    First, sorry I'm gonna miss the last couple shows, man- and the party! Break a leg! The right one, preferably, not the really hot one.

    Second, tell Kien I'll get him that recording sometime before he leaves.

    Third, my GOD I look fat in that photo of me and, um... is it Glow? It looks like someone overinflated my face. Damn middle-age spread.....

  5. Blogger Deadly Female 

    I love that pic!

  6. Blogger Tish 

    *LOL* That pic is awesome!!

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