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... was getting the laundry done. It was either that or going commando or resorting to the 3 size too small speedo that would have pinched where it shouldn't have. Granted that it wasn't world peace but it was an accomplishment.
Speaking of world peace (or the lack thereof) today I was watching an episode of NOVA on PBS. (If you click the NOVA link you'll be able to watch the episode online.) It was about the CSH units stationed out in Iraq and the tough decisions these men and women have to make everyday.

What brought me to tears was the death of a young Iraqi girl who was burned and trapped for weeks under rubble. Her parents had dared not attempt to rescue her for fear of more bombing. She was finally rescued and was one of the lucky few to meet the "criteria" to be treated at the CSH unit. But the poor girl was so malnourished from weeks of being trapped she died hours before she could be flown to the US for medical help. The doctors and medics did everything they could but to no avail. The irony was that she fit the "criteria" to be treated. It was the scene of her mother crying over her that finally broke me.

I generally do not discuss politics (because in my experience talk gets nothing accomplished) but will we ever learn that war is driven by ego madness? It's just one huge pissing contest that destroys. Really, has there ever been a "creative" war?
Perhaps I'll have something happier later.
Oh yeah... I've added a chat thingy on the blog... so, if you see that I am on... feel free.

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