it would have been an afternoon delight...

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... but it wasn't. Though what I lacked in quantity today was made up with big fat substance. Really, you should see me now. I'm dancing on my head while juggling flaming axes with one foot and Prince's, Sexy Motherf**ker is blaring full tilt from the speakers. O.K. perhaps that's a bit of an exaggeration... truth be told... the volume on the speakers is only half cocked.

Let's start at the very beginning... a very good place to start. (Go ahead... groan. This is the Sound of frickin Music to me, yo!) I went to the local coffeeshop for a meeting. I of course brought the laptop thinking that I would be able to continue where I left off yesterday. Did some fixing on what I had done... but then the meeting began. At this point I still had no idea what this thing was about or where it was going. All I knew was that I had... something. It could be a diamond... it could be a crusty booger... but I had something!

Then after the meeting, while I was having a cig under the only olive tree on Olive Avenue... Kablooey! The characters upped and told me what they wanted and that determined where the play was headed! They came up to me and whispered in my ears like I was a dolt with a bar of gold at my feet that I thought was dung that came out of a geometric cow. It was right there. It was so simple. It was 180 degrees from where I thought it was going to head a year ago. But there it was. So, being violated and violating right back actually served a purpose with yesterday's session.

Do I still think I'm a hack? Yes. Do I still think that this piece of shit will bomb on stage. Fuck Yeah! Do I give a damn? Only to get it completed... if you're going to go out... go out BIG! Because now at least I know where this is going... which I didn't at this time yesterday.

Yeah, I think this write is going to be more of a torrid affair than a sweet romance. We're all in for a ride. You can't even begin to imagine how horny this makes me. So, anyone up for some unbridled sex? OK... fine... if you insist... I'll wear the damn bridle! Geez! (Lord, forgive Morty... he knows not what he does.)

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