Back to the grind for a couple of days

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Interesting how certain things in one's life spills over and influences other areas. It finally dawned on me this weekend what was really cramping my creativity.

Simply put... I am uninspired at work. The low morale and general malaise I experience 5 days a week, takes a toll and requires a full 2 days for me to shake. The last couple of months I've noticed how the need to "vege" on Saturdays has fast become a routine. Once recovered, and when my creative juices are ready to flow once more... it's time to face the grind again. I guess, I really need to take advantage of the upcoming long weekend to ignite and utilize a burst of creativity so that I can complete my play... since I am fielding it for the Rogue.

It's been more than 3 weeks since I even looked at the yet to be finished script. Though, I have to say that this time away has actually added and solidified some of the content for the play. I got to watch a 2 part documentary on Las Vegas on PBS last week. It provided some fascinating and useful insight into the history and the mindset of the city - the fact that it has reinvented itself over and over again is a big part of its culture. This is coincidentally a major theme in the play... both in content and genre. Can't wait for this coming weekend. And now that I've figured out what has been hampering my progress... I will vow not to blog about it anymore.

7 Responses to “Back to the grind for a couple of days”

  1. Blogger Lance 

    The vege part of Saturday, is something you probably want to avoid in the long run. If you can try to get 20 to 30 minutes more sleep a night, cut the caffien after 7 pm, perhaps you would not be so tired at the end of the week. It adds up to over two hours of sleep. If you could add a ten to fifteen minute walk, the endorphins of exercise will jump start your mind. What you see outside as well is always good for the creative mind. I always try to consider ways to double up time mangement. I am not a know it all, but just trying to give you some positive feedback for your week. Perhaps then you could jump start your Saturdays and recover faster.

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Lance - I hear you. In fact I made a concerted effort this weekend to do the "get up and go." It's actually amazing how realizing the root of the problem can help in remedying it's effects. Thanks though... you input is much appreciated. :)

  3. Blogger Ms Bees Knees 

    Yes, nothing like 9 to 5er to sap all your creativity. May I suggest you try vege-ing at work instead? That's what I do. Hahah!

  4. Blogger lecram sinun 

    ms.bees - I would do that... however my paying gig involves the (attempted) education of young minds and I'm pretty sure my already tarnished soul would burn in the fires of Hades if I let them down.

  5. Blogger MamaKBear 

    You can blog about it all ya want...if we didn't like what you had to say, we wouldn't come here, now would we?

    Wish I'd caught that documentary on Vegas...I did watch some things about cheaters in Vegas (on games, not significant others) that was pretty interesting.

  6. Blogger KFarmer 

    not that I am too creative, but I have found when I am relaxed and happy- thats when the juice really starts to flow.

    That being said- I am wishing you the same for you.

  7. Blogger lecram sinun 

    mamakbear - it was a cool show... a 2 parter at that! Thanks for coming by and putting up with my dribble. :)

    kfarmer - I beg to differ... I think everyone is creative. Many just don't realize just how much. And... yes, that is when I'm at optimum myself.

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