It's Friday and I got PAID!

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And half of the paycheck is already spent! That's the way the money goes, I guess. Now to make what's left over stretch until the next payday.

For those who came by for HNT yesterday... THANK YOU for your kind and wonderful comments! According to my cousin I failed in my attempt to produce a crappy post. Lelly claimed that it was "witty and creative". (BTW, I thought her HNT rocked!) Well, as long as it provided some entertainment... I'm OK with that. Oh BTW, I may have a surprise for you HNTers in the next couple of months. Let's just say there is something fairly big in the works.

On another subject... we began scheduling for the Rogue last night and discovered that we need to get another venue! So, today a frantic search will be conducted to add yet another Cafe Venue to the miracle mile. We have an abundance of acts this year. It is an exciting line-up with a good mix of "veteran's" and "newbies". This could mean that 1 of the 2 shows I'm fielding may get bumped. Oh well. The festival is growing by leaps and bounds... and this is a good thing. Let's hope that we can pull it off in style.

It's going to be a busy evening. Planning on tipping a few with ScarySquirrelMan & Mustang... right after setting up a lighting gig. I'll update soon... perhaps with pictures!

5 Responses to “It's Friday and I got PAID!”

  1. Blogger Dionysus 

    Pay day is always good and Friday 2 boot =D

  2. Blogger thereminman 

    ach, going trinking mit zat verdamt Amerikaner Skarey Skverill Mann???? ach, but tipping? ja, alvays remember tipping za cafe'
    coordinator---zat ist sehr gut!!!
    perhaps vee tip a few tommorow eefninck? ja?

  3. Blogger blue1aqua1 

    i love the pic its creepy dark and it gives me lots to think about.
    yeah payday on a friday is the best :)
    have a great weekend and i'm sure u will pull it off with class ;)

  4. Blogger KFarmer 

    I just got paid today, got me a pocket full of change... anyway, thats how it goes around here :)

    Looking forward to seeing some groovey pics-

  5. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Dionysus - yup, moolah is a good thing!

    thereminman - ya wohl, mien herr!

    blue1aqua1 - dark creepy... but cool, huh?

    KFarmer - I'm down to coinage myself too! LOL!

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