One more seasonal movie...

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And this will end this short series for the season. Check the 4 posts below for other seasonal movies.


Sure this is not the standard "feel good" movie for the season. (My other choice was "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence") Think of this one as the "Orwellian Christmas Carol" or "Cratchit Flips Out!". The movie uses Christmas as a backdrop which is why I picked it. Hey, not all of these HAVE to be feel good.

The first time I watched it a "heated discussion" ensued outside the theater over the ending. My 2 movie companions thought it was depressing and I thought (and still think) otherwise. I suppose my perception that we are only truly free within our minds has a lot to do with my view of this film.

The visuals (even by today's standards) are stunning. The effects were all achieved in the old pre-cgi days and is a visual feast. Now there are 2 versions of the movie. There is the Terry Gilliam cut and the other (more "optimistic" version... and shorter) cut by the studio under Sid Sheinberg. There is a whole convoluted story over the controversy surrounding the making and release of this movie... but you can read about that elsewhere. (BTW watch Gilliam's cut if you can... unless you own the Criterion box-set that has both versions.)

The world that Gilliam creates morphs designs from the 1940's with technology of the late 1970's. Part of the fun of the movie (if you've never watched it before) is figuring out when reality slips into fantasy in the plot. It does have it's flaws but I still love this movie. All in all a strange pick, I know.... but think about it as the savory dessert to a super syrupy dinner.

Favorite Scene/s: The whole damn movie!

Sexiest Scene: The bedroom scene with Kim Greist. (Is this fantasy or reality?)

Click here for the song that permeates the entire soundtrack of this movie.

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10 Responses to “One more seasonal movie...”

  1. Blogger Best of Blogger 

    Once again, I've never seen this one either.

  2. Blogger Mustang 

    OK, favorite movie here. The car is actually manufactured by Messerschmidt,the kill-ya-deader-n-hell WWII fighter plane folks...?

    My Dad actually looked into buying one. STG!


  3. Blogger barefoot_mistress 

    Happy Holidays Lecram!

  4. Anonymous steph 

    This is really wierd for me, but...

    I've tried to watch this film 4 times.

    I just cannot get through it.

    My friends in college loved it. My friends in theatre adore it.
    My friends in film insist upon it.


    I just don't get it.

  5. Blogger Lelly 

    Agree with you 100% on this one Cuz...I love this film!

  6. Blogger Lelly 

    Having seen the film when it first came out we have the orignal Terry Gilliam version on good old video tape....there are SOME advantages to being old, I guess! :-)

  7. Blogger Lelly 

    Oh, and I really like 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence' as well...David Bowie is an all time fave of mine...(he looked MUCH sexier before he had his teeth fixed!)

  8. Blogger lime 

    ok, i tired once many years ago to watch this movie and i fell asleep so i cannot comment intelligently at all. maybe i need to give it a second look.

    do have a very merry christmas lecram!

  9. Blogger Zonthar 

    Brilliant choice! Never saw it coming!

    And now a Zonthar Movie Geek moment- technically, there's three versions- the original European Gilliam cut without the opening and closing cloud footage, the Gilliam American compromise, with clouds, that made it to movie screens and VHS, and the Sheinberg cut which was eventually shown on American TV.

  10. Blogger thereminman 

    i remember that tv cut and yelling at the screen "WAIT, that's not how it ends[and the newscaster is doing his 'film at 11' bit over the credits]" "That's not how it goes at ALL"---it was much better in multiple showings at the Tower Theater when they were doing the "art house/midnight movie" thing they did in the mid80's.

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