a beginning

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The rain is pattering outside. We've been told to expect this for the next couple of days. Once the rain clears.... we have the return of the fog to look forward to.

The next 3 months will be wall to wall work in all areas. But it will also be an exciting time... a time of transition. In order to accomplish all that needs to happen it will take lots of effort and patience... patience especially. But it's important to see this phase through... and close well.

10, 000 details. More questions than answers. Challenges that will require creativity. Let's not forget all that life itself will bring.

The adventure begins.

5 Responses to “a beginning”

  1. Blogger Ms Bees Knees 

    i have the utmost confidence in you... whatever challenges may lay ahead, I know you'll surely master them all. Happy new year Lecram. XoXo... Bees

    and ps. isn't this rain something else?

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    ms.bees - Thank you for your confidance in me.

    Yeah, this rain is quite amazing!

  3. Blogger lime 

    best wishes, lecram. i am sure that in whatever you put yoru hand to your creativity will shine through

  4. Blogger the_mrs 

    Here's to new adventures ahead ;)

    Hope you had a Happy New Year's!

    I also love the rain...it's raining here, too---all the way across the states!

  5. Blogger lecram sinun 

    lime & the_mrs - thanks! :)

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