If you are planning on turning up for the Rogue

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If you are planning to turn up for the 2006 Rogue Performance Festival... here are some hotels/motels that are somewhat close to the venues in the Tower District. They are in different "comfort" and "affordability" ranges.

Sheraton Four Points Hotel
3737 N Blackstone Ave
Fresno, CA 93726
(559) 226-2200

Water Tree Inn Best Value
4141 N Blackstone Ave
Fresno, CA 93726
(800) 762-9071

Best Western Village Inn
3110 N Blackstone Ave,
Fresno, 93703
(559) 226-2110

Days Inn Fresno Ca
4061 N Blackstone Ave
FRESNO, CA, US 93726

Chateau Inn by Piccadilly Inns - Fresno
5113 East Mckinley Avenue,
Fresno, CA 93727

EDIT: And the answer is ... NO... I have not even begun writing my show yet! More snafus have stretched my involvement with graphic work until this Wednesday or Thursday. Any comments about that subject (my impending show) from this point will be ignored until it is (eventually) completed to my satisfaction. I know you wish me well... but I have enough self imposed pressure to make it happen. And when I'm ready to share the process with you... be assured that I will. cheers!

11 Responses to “If you are planning on turning up for the Rogue”

  1. Blogger airplanejayne 

    What!?!?!? How could you possibly leave out:
    Storyland, The Fresno, and all the other lovely establishments on Motel drr--

    oh, yeah.....now I remember!


  2. Anonymous Solitaire 

    Wow... there's that many down in Tower... Who would have known?!?! :-)You're awesome Lecram!

  3. Blogger dusty 

    I am one of the lucky few bloggers that doesn't need a place to stay..Bake-town is right down 99 :)

    Aint that grand?

    Very sweet of you to post the lodging!

  4. Blogger Marie 

    Thanks for the lodging resources here. :) I'll need to look into that since I'll most likely want to spend the night.

  5. Blogger goobergirl 

    *Slips in the back door, see's everythang is hunky dory, smiles, slips back out* ...

  6. Blogger Jillian 

    Great thanks for the info!! I'm not too far away, so I hope I can make it!

  7. Blogger KFarmer 

    I will be there in Spirit...

  8. Blogger lecram sinun 

    SSM... where are you? I thought I saw your comment here earlier.

  9. Blogger MacManus 

    Deep breaths big guy...you will finish when you finish and it will rock! Man I wish I could be there for this. I guess I will just have to settle for my nekkid arse being there instead ;) Kia kaha mate!

  10. Blogger KFarmer 

    ls-he was there- just after mine :/

  11. Blogger airplanejayne 

    well, with SSM, the govt could have decided he was a serious threat and risk, and made him REALLY disappear......

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