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Due to a snafu I'll be splitting my days this week between regular work and graphic work. I am really hoping that I will be done soon because I will also have to transfer all of that to the website that should be up by Feb. 1! Oy! Got quite a bit done yesterday though. Onward and forward.

11:10 AM: It's already a harried day for me. Within the last hour I had to redo a graphic, and drop some videos off at another location... and this was my lunch hour! So, I haven't got anything to eat and I'm cranky. Once work is done I have a half hour break before I start up doing graphics again until 10 PM.

9 Responses to “back at work...”

  1. Blogger dusty 

    Your going to be burning the midnight oil it sounds like..dont work too hard and make sure you eat something..

    I have to travel to Reno..not for fun.A death in the family..he was only 40..a heart attack.

    I will check in on you..and the other bloggers I fancy.

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    dusty - have a safe trip.

  3. Blogger KFarmer 

    man oh man- talk about the fat hitting the fire! I bet you are a specticular streak!


  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    With God's speed my friend!

  5. Blogger Marie 

    Wow! You are slammed to say the least. I hope you're hanging in okay over there. :)

  6. Blogger MacManus 

    You make sure you look after yourself boss...don't want you to be falling over or anything bro :)

  7. Blogger D'Andre 

    You sound like you are living the life I had for the last 3 weeks. As long as there is light at the end of the tunnel and you get to reap the rewards, it's all worth it...

  8. Blogger Deadly Female 

    You had better have some of that chocolate then.... *big smile* and take care of you xx

  9. Blogger 212designs 

    just don't forget your doing what you love!


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