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I'm google-eyed at the moment so I thought I'd post this. This will be the promo image that I'll be using for my show. I was too lazy to create something new so I thought I'd use my avitar instead... with a few modifications. Besides, there's a pith helmet in it!

My students, the All Too Real Players (who are also fielding a show in the Rogue) are presently in my driveway rehearsing their show. They do a "found objects puppetry"show called "Junkerella". This will be their third year in the festival.

OK.... back to work!

7 Responses to “... sneaking this in...”

  1. Blogger kellywalters 

    I love it! I didnt even recognize it as your avitar untill you said that..

    wow... that was amazing

  2. Blogger dusty 

    Nice photoshop on the avitar..love the pith helmet.I am sure there is symbolism behind it?

  3. Blogger BTExpress 

    Nice job on the poster.

  4. Blogger D'Andre 

    Very nice work!!!!

  5. Blogger dusty 

    Marcel..you up?

  6. Blogger Deadly Female 

    I always liked your avatar!

  7. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Deadly Female, RoxiMoon, BTExpress, D'Andre - Thank You! I actually think it "speaks" for the show well.

    dusty - I'm actually using the pith in the show.

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