The first action in the new chapter...

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... of my life is to clear up this crap. Yes, I am a messy and untidy individual... but even this has become too much for me. Besides, if it truly is going to be a new chapter that I embark on, then I should have new shit to deal (play) with. To that end I spent some money and made some purchases this weekend to facilitate some change. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes. There may even be picture evidence.

The sun has come out today. It's a good thing because the wet weather the last couple of months was becoming a little tiresome. This is the kind of weather that inspires me to dig in the dirt and plant my vege garden... which I plan to do this coming weekend. Yay, for fresh veges right off the plant!

Thanks to those of you who left well wishes for my Mum. She is feeling better and has begun pottering around the homestead again.

Oh yeah, some of you noticed my new banner header. Thanks for noticing. :) I was playing around this weekend and thought I'd make one.

Oh, and... "TITANIC 2" WTF??? ROFLMAO (I had embedded the video earlier but it was screwing up the blog... but click the link if you want to see it.)

14 Responses to “The first action in the new chapter...”

  1. Blogger Solitaire 

    Oh god, please no! LOL!

    Cleaning up the place huh? That's awesome! I'm excited to see what you get done and how you turn this page in your life.


  2. Blogger aughra 

    If I lived by you I would come over and clean that place. I love that kind of stuff! I really enjoy cleaning other people's homes!

  3. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    planting in mid-april?!? you ARE having a bummer spring!

  4. Blogger BTExpress 

    Thank you for this. After seeing this, I don't feel so bad anymore. You are more of a slob than even me and that is saying a lot. ;-)

  5. Blogger boo 

    thats a nice organized mess :)

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Cool dude! Good luck with your new shit!

  7. Blogger Mark Leslie 

    Wow - I've got to show that workspace picture to my wife - it makes my work area look tidy and clean. :)

    Uh, okay, that Titanic 2 "trailer" was a joke, right?

  8. Blogger Lolly 

    MY home office makes yours look clean. How I SO need to take a week off and clean it up.

    I wasn't familiar enough with your old banner to remember it now, but I thought something had changed.

    Try not to change your profile picture. It's what grabbed my attention right off the bat!

    I've concentrated my gardening efforts these past few years on flowers, but I'm wanting to have a vegetable garden next year, if I can manage it. Good luck!

  9. Blogger Lolly 

    Upon closer inspection.....
    you've got a MESSY desk, boy!

  10. Blogger KFarmer 

    Love the groovey purple-

    Ahh, messes come and messes go. There is only so much time for things and if it's a choice between cleaning up a room or digging in the dirt- the dirt will win every time :)Fresh veggies! Yum!

    Glad to hear your Mom is doing well. You are such a good son. A mom could ask for no better-

  11. Blogger airplanejayne 

    I am SO GLAD

  12. Blogger airplanejayne 

    -err -- premature buttonaltion...

    I meant to say: I am SO GLAD you asked me to come help with taxes and not with cleaning the office.....

    glad your mum is doing better. see ya later.

  13. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Solitaire - I'm hoping it'll be a real page turner. LOL!

    aughra - damn, wish you lived in the hood.

    scarysquirrelman - yup, late planting this year.

    BTExpress - glad I could make you feel better about yourself. LOL!

    boo - organized is what I'm going for.

    kien lim - new shit is always nice.

    Mark Leslie - I sincerly hope it's a joke. LOL! Someone sure had some fun editing.

    Lolly - I am the king of mess. :)

    KFarmer - the groovy purple wasn't my idea... but I've learned to like it.

    apj - yup, she's feeling a lot better.

  14. Blogger dusty 

    Good lord and I thought I was messy..what did you buy? come on..spill it!!! you said it would be something you didn't need..but coveted..

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