monday... I need to rehearse

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Which is what I'm planning to do over the next couple of days. Yes, I am reworking my show... can't leave well enough alone, ya know. Hopefully we will get a great crowd on Thursday. Thereminman will be great... then folks can watch me slowly twirl in the wind on stage. LOL!

With my whole pith obsession (two posts down)... I'm seriously thinking that I should market them as some sort of fashion wear. What do you think?

My friend RP is headed off to England on Thursday. I'm hoping that Kien will be able to hook up with him there. I'm sure I'll hear all about it when he gets back.

Not much for now... perhaps more in the morning.

EDIT: It's morning.

OK... it's closer to noon. I'm at a bit of a loss today... not in a bad way... just floaty. One of those days that seems made for more but one can't quite grasp just what that is. I think that's the reason I posted that jungle bridge picture last night. It's heading somewhere but one is not quite sure what is beyond. I thought going down to the coffeeshop (which I did) would help kick start things... it didn't. And it's not like I have a lack of things to do... I just am not in an "accomplishing mood" at the moment.

Oh, I did check the extended forecast and discovered that it's going to hit 103 degrees on Thursday - which is when we perform. Oh joy.

If I get the inkling I may update later. If not (and weather I do or don't) go over to KFarmer's and check out the latest installment of her "Just Fishing" story. It's really quite good... and those who know me well know I don't give out kudos easily. If you haven't already started reading them you can catch up on episodes from a link in her sidebar... or just CLICK HERE!

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