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I've decided to show off one pith a day (not specifying the days either) on this blog. Think of it as a pith-tease of sorts. LOL! (O.K. I'll admit that was pretty lame.)

Of the new piths I have... let me first introduce the Wolseley which was named after Army Chief of Staff, Sir Garnet Wolseley in and around 1902, at the close of the Victorian era. This was really a new and improved redesign of this type of helmet that was used during the Boer War and still retains a bit of the "beak" in the front of the brim. The major difference with the Wolseley is that the top or the bowl is a little shorter and brim at the back is longer to protect the neck from the sun. ( Here is a full side view.) These were used during the Gallipoli campaign all the way up to WWII.

Worn mainly by British forces in the desert and tropical sectors of the Empire. The cool thing about this one... when worn backward... you could look like Daffy Duck in that one episode when his bottom bill was shot off.

Here is the front view of this pith. (Damn, this dry heat is really frizzing out my hair.) In my opinion... just from a design standpoint... this is the sexiest of the pith designs. That is of course only if one could find pith helmets sexy. I have seen pictures of women wearing this accessorised with a long colorful silk scarf around the band, knotted in the back with a tail.

Other stuff updates later in the day.

It's 102 outside and climbing. I'm indoors for the rest of the afternoon. So, here's some other stuff.

market & food
This morning I went off to the farmers market for some cukes, bananas and a papaya. Got home and prepared a generous portion Thai cuke salad a put it in the fridge. This will be the grazing dish for today. I'm planning on cutting the papaya (with a squeeze of lime) for tomorrow. Withe the current whether I think it's just gonna be fruits and veges for the next couple of days.

astaire & rogers
I was watching "Shall We Dance" (1937) with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers last night. Let's face it... no one really went to those movies for the plot. They are fluffy and charming but I mainly watch them for the great art deco sets and the dancing. Good God, even by today's standards... those dance sequences are still bloody breathtaking! Astaire personified class and Rogers... woof! Isn't it amazing that Astaire single handedly introduced about half of the "american songbook" of the first half of last century to the world... and was never really recognized as a singer. Kern, Rogers, Porter, Berlin and the Gershwins all wrote for him.

no mo show
Chances are if you live in the area and missed my show on Thursday... you'll probably never see it. You'll have to come back tomorrow or Monday to find out why.

Hope your Saturday is cooler than mine.

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