my piths came in and the show went well

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It was a good crowd. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Here are a couple of pics. And... yes, it does look like we fell asleep during our performances. LOL!

More updates later in the day including the weekend movie selection.

Damn! I look like a crazed voodooman in that pic.

It's going to be a long hot weekend. Projected temperatures are supposed to hit 110 tomorrow. The plan here is to get as much done outside before 10 AM then hole up in the cool of the inside for the rest of the day.

Last night was a good start to the Rogue Year Round experiment. The choice of acts was made as a deliberate effort to feel things out from both the producing and performing aspects. By experiencing it first hand we will be better equipted to inform our performers of both the pluses and limitations of the space. Conclusion? Full Circle is a great space for the bigger acts. Thereminman and I did the best we could... but we were fighting the space. So, it is done and now we move on.

I've been looking at my new piths. I'll post pictures of me in them soon.

weekend movie selection

Another favorite of mine. Based on a true story "Searching For Bobby Fischer" tells the story of a young chess prodigy who battles the "collective wisdom" of society to win the championship. The "collective wisdom" in this case is the now widely accepted (and seemingly becoming the only) tactic of crushing the opponent in order to win. Instead, the main character of Josh quietly wins on his own execellence and with the grace of sportsmanship. At one point he even refuses to accept kudos for his accomplishments as compared to another (in this case, Bobby Fischer) and asserts that he be accepted for himself.

The movie has some wonderful supporting talent including Ben Kingsly, Joan Allen and Laurence Fishburn. Yet it is the quiet dignity and performance of Max Pomerance that keeps one transfixed to the screen. Do catch it if you get the chance... if only to be reminded what "winning" really means.

Have a great weekend!


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