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... I would get home by 8... 8:30 tops... I got home at 11:30. OK granted this is not the greatest picture in the world... but this was earlier on in the evening... right after the meeting at Lipari's. The other cool aspect about this pic is that everyone at the table are bloggers from the big "no". I guess introductions are in order. From left to right... SSM, Katie, Mustang, lecram and Jaguar.

The only thing that I'm allowed to report (on the threat of a lynching if I report more) is that festivities got pretty loud and jiggy right after this pic was taken. (Really, you should have been there. Good God Almighty!) It could be that the guy taking it was 10 sheets to the wind already... which kinda inspired us to follow suit. And then, even more friends showed up... you would think we owned this place or something. (O.K. we are here a lot... of late.) And this pic is especially dedicated to Cosima who wanted to join us... but is in Berlin. Hope this helps your imagination. :)

Nothing more to report really... no, really... nothing more... I swear! (Dude, they're stringing up the damn rope as I type.) But if I get a wild hair (when these red-neck-bastards-when-they-are-sauced are not around) ... you'll get it later in the day right here! (I'm going to pay for this... I can already tell.)

If you are here for FYF... you may want to read this post.

BTW... the weekend movie selection (yeah, I know you are just waiting with bacon breath) will be posted when I get home after I am sufficiantly java infused.

EDIT: noon As promised here is the...
weekend movie selection! ::tah dah!::

Really nothing says romance more than H.G. Wells chasing Jack the Ripper through contemporary San Francisco, does it? That is the premise of "Time After Time". Starring Malcolm McDowell, David Warner and Mary Steenburgen as the love interest.

I watched this again just the other day and I do have to say that it still stands up quite well. The plot begins on an interresting notion that both Wells and the Ripper were actually friends. H.G. at a dinner party shows off his time machine and Jack, when he is revealed steals it to escape into the future. Sure, there is a bit of social commentary about how our present is THE perfect time for Jack. However, the delight in this film is the civilized bafoonery of H.G. Wells (played my Malcome McDowell... in a non-scary role) as he tries to stumble his way into our time.

The performances are quite good all around and it's a fun movie with a little bit of something for everyone. Try it on a Saturday afternoon with some sun brewed iced tea.

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

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