just got to SF

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More edits were done last night!

There is actually WiFi at the hotel that works. I'll post pics in a while. First thing is to get a Fringe schedule and plan out our shows.

EDIT: OK... so here is a minor blow by blow so fat. We left my place (that's the street I live on in the pic) at about noon.

Conversation in the car with Jag was fun and stimulating as always. Then we stopped at vista point for a cig.

We saw this and contemplated some sick and wrong love story connected with it. However we thought the picture could speak for itself.

So, here we are in the city. I'll update later. Indian food is calling.

OK, got a wonderful surprize at dinner tonight. For many years... whenever I've come up to the city there is this one hole-in-the-wall Indian place I use to go to. It was run by this nice couple and the food was great... had a real home cooked sense to it.

Then a couple of years ago I come up and the place was closed. I hung my head in despair. I looked for another place that was comparible... but never quite found one that came close. Tonight in my continuing quest I try a place close to the hotel. A bigger place... a real resturant. Lo and behold... the lady behind the counter looks familiar. She flashes a smile at me. She says, "Lamb curry, yes?" It's her! She calls to the open kitchen and her husband walks out smiling at me. It's them! We gabber a bit and I order... finding "home" againat a different location. Ah, and the food is still amazing!

Oh yeah... I'm up here to see shows. Ran into a couple of people we know at tthe festival... including my friend Laura who is the volunteer coordinator. Our faces are known around here as those "Rogue Guys."

Only got to see one show though... but it took place on a bus... a real bus that drove around the city. The premise? We were guests at Sarah's bachelorette party. And hey... for a mere 10 bucks... all the gello shots and beer you could consume in an hour. A fun structured improve where an ex-boyfriend joined the party and the "drama" unfolded as we proceeded to get blitzed. Think of it as a version of "Tony & Tina's Wedding" on a bus. Pretty fun and actually quite theatrical.

You'll get more tomorrow

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