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I pulled 10 straight hours working on graphics today. I've been working on the Rogue site... cleaning things up, etc. While doing that, I of course decide that it needs a new header. I spend 4 hours working on one... only to find something I started a couple of months ago that I liked better. So, I begin tweaking that one (another 3 hours) and finally get it to where I think it will be good. Naturally, this also means that I will have to make new pages, yada, yada... So, that's what I've been up to. I'm hoping all the new stuff will be ready to go "live" by Wednesday. Piqued your curiosity? Here is the header that will go up. (click it for a bigger version.) Oh yeah... the header was based on pictures of some of our performers from this year's festival.

On a strangely related topic... I was contemplating today about how I have on many occasions begun something with a very pointed focus only to end up with a wider quotient of experience in the end. It's sort of like going to the store for a gallon of milk and coming home with it... along with a packet of hot links, a lotto ticket, a bottle of merlot and a mondo bag of chili fritos. This is not a post about shopping or distractions... I'm just using the example as an analogy. (Probably, not a very good one but... an analogy nevertheless.) I guess what I'm trying to get at is the journey is often times so much more satisfying than the destination... but only if one is open to checking out the scenery along the way.

I better end before I babble you to boredom.

EDIT: 9:50 AM
If I get the work I want to accomplish done... there could be some new linkable Rogue banners for the stealing soon!

Oh, and there could be another edit later in the day.

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