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... is going a little slower than anticipated but I am determined to have (most) of it up by tomorrow. So, plod on I will. Some other projects may have to take a backseat for the moment... but they will be accomplished in time.

UPDATE: About half the site is completed... but it's UP!

On an unrelated note... the lovely Ms. Cosima during a chat today, suggested a last hurrah for Summer sarong themed HNT for next week... which may just bring me out of semi-retirement.

I also have a play to write. That of course is assuming I want to put something into the festival this coming year. (I've had something in it every year since we started the thing.) I began working on something last year that was never completed due to schedule conflicts and time constraints. I've been thinking about it of late and considering taking it up again. The premise is still intriguing with enough room to provide me with a fun ride on the write.

The idea explores the point in the Snow White story where the hunter takes her out into the forest with instructions from the queen to kill her. Of course my warped imagination sets the whole thing in Vegas where the kingdom is a casino and the forest in this case is a Target store after hours. Hmm... perhaps I will go that route.

EDIT: 10:10 AM
In fact, I posted some of what I started last year on this blog HERE & HERE.
Ah well... back to the grindstone.

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