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... as I am leaving for the SF Fringe. I am however bringing the laptop with me. So, if I can steal a strong enough signal at the hotel I will be blogging and checking in on your blogs from up there.


Mine today is my Mum. I did feature her in this Picture Daze post. This picture is a lot more current though. I call her my "dainty rock" and she has always been there for me through thick and thin and most everywhere in between. She single handedly raised me after my father passed away when I was 12... not an easy task.

Of course, we don't see eye to eye (really, what kid sees eye to eye with any of their parents?) ... but if I felt strongly about something she was always the first one to back me up... even if she didn't quite understand what it was I was doing. She and my Dad brought me up to be independent and she has always honored that.

She is in her 80's now and lives with me. Still potters around the house and is still pretty active for someone her age. Her memory is going though and she has what I call "high RAM and low RAM" days. Some of the low RAM days can be kooky but all in all, she's pretty "low maintenance". She can be very funny too. Last Summer she drank thereminman under the table at one of our BBQs while toasting everyone with a hearty "Blooming Fine!". Recently, my old boy scout troop requested a photo and news about her as she was instrumental in getting our Den built oh so many years ago.

It would be redundant for me to say that I love her... but I do. She is Da Count for me for without her... I would not count.

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* I'm on the road so go visit each other and make each other smile!

** Still waiting for my ride. She hasn't checked in yet but kfarmer is up and counting.

EDIT: The chat thingy has gotten a little too distracting for this blog so I have shifted to it's own blog at http://chatthang.blogspot.com . If you come here and want to chat with me... go there and if I'm on... pull up a chair, brew some coffee or tea and we'll chat. :)


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