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I first became aware of her presence in my early 20's when I wrote my first play. We flirted off and on for about 10 years before she agreed upon an exclusive and special arrangement with me. It has been a while since we've been together but of late, much to my delight, we have reunited once more. As always the experience has and continues to be nothing but pure excitement. Everytime we do meet... it always feels like the first... fresh, urgent and very sexy.

To be honest the relationship has had it's share of ups and downs. At times it has been tumultuous... at other times comforting... but always passionate. Friends, family and lovers have had to contend with her. Many have resented her presence yet others have accepted her need and function in my life. She can be demanding (usually is) and always goads me into achieving or at least attempting excellence... and turns vivacious with any possible try at experimentation. She is relentless in never allowing me to slack or compromise... sometimes to the brink of madness.

In times, when I have faced rejection, abandonment, loneliness or betrayal she has always been a stalwart fixture by my side. She is not my Muse... though she embraces any who have enraptured me. I hardly dare call her friend as there is so little I still know about her yet she knows all my needs and desires like the exquisite courtesan she is. She is a gift whose presence in my life I am always humbled by because she will never be mine to own. No one can own the divine.

So my count this week is my Mistress Creativity. Without you I would be denied the bliss I derive in the act of creation.

I'm posting early because she and I have a hot date tonight... but I could sneak off and use some coffee company in the morning while she sleeps.

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