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... when you are hot and heavy into a write and you have to stop. I did that to myself today on purpose. I've arrived at a section of the play that has too many choices within the direction of the action. It's too pivotal a place to get careless with. So, I stopped just so it can stew in my noggin for a bit.

Stepping back is one of the toughest things in this process... though often necessary. On my part I have to allow the restlessness to subside. That is different from frenzy... that, I allow... that, I relish. However, restlessness tends to produce the "that will be OK for now while I move to something else" syndrome. That can really kill the piece. It's better to wait for an opening than to attempt skirting around it. Skirting around will only cause the momentum to fade. Besides, the urgency remains on the wait.

By now most of you must be bored (or just irritated) by this write journaling. I don't blame you really. Since I began I've noticed the stats counter on visits have dropped by about 20... and I really don't care. I'm having too much fun. LOL!

OK... a little diversion. There is a wanna-be lounge singer encased in this body. The write-track selection for the day is one I've always wanted to do. I love this song. And remember... you're the best and most beautiful audience I've ever had. And I mean that sincerely. Cheers!

The selection for the WRITE-TRACK for today can be found HERE. (Hint: If you right-click and "save target/link as..." you'll be able to download it to your computer.)

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