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... in today's Write-Track song. I had actually forgotten this feeling of imprisonment that occurs in the process of creation. The Nike slogan "Just Do It" keeps flashing in my head as I write. Yeah, my mistress does have some Dom tendencies.

Here is the issue. Sure, I can stop the write and go out. But doing so will not alleviated my focus on the work. It only intensifies it to the point that my friends whom I would hang out with have likened my distracted disposition to socializing with a higher functioning zombie. My mind just keeps clicking away and I get restless to return home.

This is where it's all akin to being in a dysfunctional relationship. That whole need to be needed thing... at least within the context of my work. I know the "fun" is just around the corner. The frenzy that makes a giggling, half naked, somewhat crazed savant out of me. So, what am I waiting for? The right wave. The one I know will carry me through to the end. I can sense it's rumble behind me. I'm expecting it's approach sometime tonight. If it hits as hard as I think (hope) it does... don't expect posts from me for a few days. Chances are good that I'll be MIA for a bit. If there are any... they may not make sense anyway.

So, now I'm resolved to getting this over and done with soon. How soon? I don't know... but the sooner the better. I need to get out and become human again!

See ya on the shore!

EDIT: In the meantime, check out THIS new search engine. But I'm guessing you just want to see BOOBIES while you wait.

The selection for the WRITE-TRACK for today can be found HERE. (Hint: If you right-click and "save target/link as..." you'll be able to download it to your computer.)

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