the Grand Dames of Brown Avenue

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I was informed by a neighbor that an old former neighbor of ours passed today. Ardeen was in her 90's and had been living in a rest home for the last few years.

When I first came to live on this street... Ardeen lived on my left and Ellen on my right. Both were the grand dames of the neighborhood. They became the defacto "grandma's" for the kids growing up here.

Ellen, was the more gregarious of the two, was still hopping on for her daily bus rides downtown well into her 90's. She passed several years ago and her "memorial" was a picnic in her backyard. Ardeen loved a scotch in the evenings and kept "in charge" of her life until the end. Her raspy voice juxtoposed an inate sweetness that at times was quite disarming. Both these ladies showed kindness to me and were always the first ones to support my kooky endeavourers.

To these two Grand Dames of Brown Avenue... my warm thanks for sharing your care, wisdom, friendship, stories and banananut bread with me. You will be remembered fondly... always!

EDIT: I just came across a site about "Flame Warriors" that may be of interest... especially if you've been flamed in your comments section... it's best to know who the enemy is.

19 Responses to “the Grand Dames of Brown Avenue”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    aww lecram! you big softie! what a beautiful tribute to two wonderful, feisty Grand Dames. that was awesome. i was lucky to know a few strong old dames myself... they really are a riot!

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    ms.bees - these two birds were the greatest! Ardeen always had a kind word and Ellen's banananut bread was the best!

  3. Blogger goobergirl 

    Wow, what a blessing to have such awesome memories and how sweet of you to share them with us :) Btw, the baby pic is ADORABLE you cutie patootie you lol.

  4. Blogger goobergirl 

    Oh yea *slapping forehead* ... happy belated! I left you a card on my blog :)))))

  5. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Gigi, thank you... I just went over to check it out (and left a comment). :)

  6. Anonymous Tommy Gunn 

    A toast to the Grand Dames of Brown Avenue ... amy their influence always be felt in the hearts of those they touched. Glad Your B-day was a good one my man. Cheers.

  7. Blogger Lelly 

    Hey Cuz, Happy New Year and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry I missed it...was still in the wilds of Norfolk at the time!
    Nice of you to pay tribute to Ellen and one is ever really 'gone' as long as someone remembers them.

  8. Blogger aughra 

    may they dance in heaven.

  9. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Tommy Gunn - Thanks again, man! Yes, those two birds have influenced us greatly.

    Lelly - I was wondering where you got to! Hope it was a good trip. Happy New Year, Cuz!

    aughra - I can feel a full on jig happening now!

  10. Blogger BTExpress 

    So many people just forget about the elderly. I think it's terrific for you to remember them like that and I'm sure their getting a kick out of it too.

  11. Blogger Trojan 

    That was a very sweet blog post. Such a big heart:) Also..that photo is just beautiful.

  12. Blogger lecram sinun 

    BTExpress - I hope so. Bet they are kicking some ass too!

    trojan - They were so very sweet to me... it's the least I can do.

  13. Blogger lime 

    aww, may they both rest in peace. i'd love a post on each of them, a special specific memory maybe?
    i have this mental image fo them sitting togther in heaven over a cup of tea or something, still watching down over the neighborhoud.....

  14. Blogger Deadly Female 

    There were a couple of similar sounding ladies on my road when I grew up - and they had a profound effect on me.

    How lovely you are, lecram xx

  15. Blogger Mellissa 

    That is a lovely tribute Lecram, and I am sure you brought them much joy as well!!


  16. Blogger Crescendo 

    Very interesting blog and nice pictures. Happy New Year from France !

  17. Blogger Marie 

    This is a wonderful tribute to a couple of wonderful, strong and fiesty women it sounds like. May they rest in peace. I had an elderly woman as a neighbor...her name was Kay. I loved listening to her stories and was sad when she decided to take her leave. At the same time, I'm thankful for having known her even if it was just for a brief period of time! :)

  18. Blogger lecram sinun 

    lime - I just may post those sometime down the line... let me look for a couple of pics of the Grand Dames to go with it.

    Deadly Female, Mellissa & Marie - Thank You... yeah, connecting with them was always a rewarding experience. :)

    Crescendo - Thank You, Welcome and visit again soon! :)

  19. Blogger dusty 

    Nice eulogy to your ladies of the neighborhood..i loved reading it and it brought a tear to my eye.

    whats this nonsense about flamers?

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