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EDIT: I'm gonna be out and about today so, this will have make do for my HNT today. Have a good one Everyone! Mega thanks to all of you who have already come by with birthday wishes!
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Yes, it's the eve of my birthday. On the 4th I put another notch on the ugly-stick. Where has the time gone? Why does it (always) feel like I'm starting over from scratch?

My friends who have known me for a long time are aware that I very seldom announce or celebrate my birthday. Just thought I'd do it different this year.

I've had all of 2 significant celebrations of "my day" over the years. The first was when I was 7 and a huge party was organized at my Aunty Ruth's... complete with games, cakes, etc. The other was when I turned 31. I was house-sitting (the house I now own) and we had a bang-up party that lasted for a week... only because we all were hooked on "Leisure Suit Larry"-- once we finally got Larry laid... we all lit cigarettes and sat back.

Sure, I've had the odd lunch or drinks with friends. Last year, my friend, Trunk (who shares the day with me), and I were taken out to dinner by a couple of lovely ladies. Nice, but those of us who were born so close to the holidays have never really gotten our due. Unless we pipe up... no one remembers. And we got use to the line "This is for Christmas... and your birthday!" a long time ago. Surprise parties? HAH! Never happened. So much so, for a couple of years I've forgotten my own birthday until 2 weeks after the fact!

For the last 4 years I've been up to my neck with work on the Rogue. So, this year it's going to be different. Even if there is still loads to do on the Rogue (and we are about 3 weeks behind) I am doing fuck-all tonight and fuck-all tomorrow... even though I have to turn up at my job in the morning anyway. The world will revolve for one day without me. Woo Hoo! I just may take myself out tonight... and tomorrow!

BTW... for you HNTers... this will technically be my HNT... and I just found out that Binsk shares this day with me. So, go over and wish her a good one!


EDIT: And if that ain't good enough... let me just serve you up a meal on my birthday suit! BTW this was first featured HERE!

56 Responses to “my day... & HNT (sort of)”

  1. Anonymous steph 

    yah, and what sucks worse than 'this is for Xmas, this for your birthday?'

    Having the only damn birthday wish you get be in a frigging blog comment.

    Happy day nonetheless. I hope you get laid at least. (of course, I can't see how that'll happen, not with SSM all the way in Washington).

    See you soon. Your next good scotch is on me.

  2. Blogger Mellissa 

    o.k. a birthday!!! It is one of the best days of the whole year :-)

    be on the lookout.


  3. Blogger airplanejayne 

    Yippee! Please consider this my Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Joyous Epiphany greeting!!!

    (Yup, I know how disgusting that is. My baby sis' birthday is Christmas Eve. We rarely celebrated Christmas Eve -- WE called her birthday!!!)


  4. Blogger Marie 

    Oh wow! Happy Birthday to you. :) I have mixed feelings about my own birthday when it comes around. I hope that you enjoy your day. :)

  5. Blogger Mustang 

    My Good Fellow,

    Most solicitous approbations on the annual occurrence of your rampaging path to elderly charm, dashing Bond-like looks, and a reckless disregard for sobriety!


  6. Blogger MamaKBear 

    In case I don't make it by tomorrow, I wanna say "Happy Birthday Lecram!"

    I hope it is awesome...and with a birthday of Dec. 5th, I know ALL about those combo gifts...and now I have a little girl with a birthday on New Year's Eve. I've sworn I will never be doing that to her.

  7. Blogger Sasha 

    i will see you for your birthday tomorrow ok? :)

  8. Blogger the bellyacher 

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! where's the party?? :)

  9. Blogger Deadly Female 

    Happy Happy Birthday to you!!! Have a drink on me, and what a lovely (and fitting) choice of song xx

  10. Blogger KFarmer 

    Ok, so I am old fashioned:

    Happy Birthday to You-
    Happy Birthday to You-
    Happy Birthday Dear LS-
    Happy Birthday to You!

    and many mooooooorreeeeeeee!

  11. Blogger lime 

    Well a very happy birthday to you, lecram.

    Limelette #1 is born in december and when i told my mom the due date, she pined....oh the por baby will get rooked for her birthday her whole life. to which i responded, 'yes, my foremost thought when concieving this child was to ruin her life by birthday placement.'

    in any event, i hope it is a very wonderful day filled with all the things you like best!

    happy early HNT too

  12. Anonymous Anonymous 


  13. Anonymous Anonymous 


  14. Blogger the_mrs 

    Happy Birthday, Mr. M :) Hope it's an awesome one!!! Party hardy! ;)

  15. Anonymous renee 

    Happy Birthday!!! Maybe I'll see you out and about tonight after the opening of my show!

  16. Blogger Trashed 


    One year older
    Keep on rockin'
    Best wishes always

  17. Blogger Binsk 

    Happy birthday!!!

    People born on January 4th are the greatest aren't they?? :)

    Cool pic.

  18. Blogger blue1aqua1 

    happy happy joy joy
    happy bday to you :)
    happy happy joy joy!

  19. Blogger Marie 

    Happy Birthday! I love the picture. Mmmm!! ;)

  20. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    seems to me i recall you talking about being a memorial baby. so, it can be tough for some of us to give you your due when it's due. or you were doing the two-free-drinks-a-year bit, which makes me admire you that much more.

  21. Blogger Lee Ann 

    I would definitely eat a meal at that spot! Oh yes!
    Happy HNT!

  22. Blogger Tess 

    Just finished giving congrats to Binsk and now on to you.

    May you have a wonderful and happy birthday. All the best. Thanks for making HNT so special.

  23. Blogger kaliblue 

    Happy B-day to ya and HHNT :-)

  24. Blogger Mellissa 

    Happy BIRTHDAY. I hope you got my card :-)

    Happy HTBT...


  25. Blogger Red 

    HBT and HNT!

  26. Blogger deconstructionist 

    Happy birthday, love!

  27. Blogger bsoholic 

    Happy Birthday and HNT!

  28. Anonymous Tommy Gunn 

    Like I told Binsk earlier, there seem to be an inordinate amount of Capricorns in my circle. (My birthday is next Monday) I just wonder if there is some kind of cosmic magnet that attracts us? Happy Birthday, my man, and HHNT as well. Like an old bottle of wine, we get better with age.

  29. Blogger Wenchy 

    Happy, happy birthday!

  30. Blogger D'Andre 

    This was a good idea! Happy HNT

  31. Blogger Tish 

    Happy Birthday, Lecram!! Love the pics. Happy HNT! :)

  32. Blogger barefoot_mistress 

    Happy Birthday Lecram!

  33. Blogger Generik 

    A very happy birthday to you, sir! I hope you get everything you want, and that all your dreams come true.

    Well, except for that one where you show up for work naked. Not that one. But all the rest!

    And I would like to invite you now (if you're not too overwhelmed with All Things Roguish, which you very well may be) to come to SF on February 11 to help me celebrate my Momentous Natal Celebration With A Zero. Write me for details if you think you might be able to do that.

    Happy birthday!

  34. Blogger Lil Bit 

    mmmm, Tasty!!! Happy Birthday and HNT! =)

  35. Blogger MamaKBear 

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!! Hope you had a good one!

    Happy HNT too! :)

  36. Blogger Angel Girl 

    Happy Birthday! Nice use of the body as a table tray too ;)


  37. Blogger gigi 

    Happy Birthday Mr. Lecram
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Thant was my Marilyn impression.
    Yeah, I know it sucked! lol


  38. Blogger Sasha 

    happy birthday Lecram!

    thank you for being such a wonderful person... and friend. have a blessed year ahead!

  39. Blogger aughra 


    Many happy returns.

  40. Blogger snavy 

    Happy Birthday fellow Capricorn!!!

    Mmmmmm - looks good enough to eat and so does the food on the plate - hehe!!!

    Happy HNT too!!!

  41. Anonymous unshroud 

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Very tempting dish you are indeed!


  42. Blogger ThatGirl 

    Your baby pic is so cute! Have a wonderful birthday and I would be very happy to sit down to that meal...
    Happy HNT!

  43. Blogger Furzl 

    Happy Birthday mate. You made for a cute baby, You food presentation skills I am guessing are very popular.

    Happy HNT

  44. Blogger ShyRocket 

    I have to say, you give great pics and great blog. Happy Birthday to a guy with an incredible imagination and fantastic sense of humour.

  45. Blogger Robin 

    Happy hnt birthday!

  46. Blogger addict 

    Happy Birthday!!!
    Gosh, I'm hungry ;)

  47. Blogger kellywalters 

    very cool!

    I think the growing up is wonderful!

    nice hood by the way

  48. Blogger Biscuit 

    Looks yummy! the food looks good, too!

  49. Blogger Mark Leslie 

    Fun baby and adult pic! I'm sorry that I missed wishing you a Happy Birthday until just now.

    So, screw wishing you a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year! (I won't even wish you a Happy HNT this week) It's all HAPPY BIRTHDAY, chum!

  50. Blogger Scott & Julia 

    Happy Birthday! And Happy New Year and Happy HNT!

  51. Blogger Trojan 

    HAPPY B-DAY BLOG FRIEND. Sorry i missed this yesterday.....Hope your day was filled with beer and cheer.

  52. Blogger BTExpress 

    Sorry I'm a couple of days late, but Happy Birthday! Great picture too.

  53. Blogger Still Searching... 


  54. Blogger whackman 

    ahh!Kobe beef.

  55. Blogger robmcj 

    If you were a woman I would be playing with myself right now. Happy HNT.

  56. Blogger * ! Libraaaa ! * 

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    its lunch time and im so hungry right now..this picture is just a tease! :p

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