Sorry, no HNT tonight!

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Due to unforseen circumstances... I won't be able to post an HNT tonight. Hope I am forgiven but check out the HNT @ the Rogue site anyway... there is an update there.

22 Responses to “Sorry, no HNT tonight!”

  1. Blogger BTExpress 

    Understandable. Happy HNT anyway my friend.

  2. Blogger lime 

    rats. hope everything is ok! happy HNT nonetheless!

  3. Blogger Rose-Colored Beer Goggles 

    No worries ~ you're busy being brilliantly creative! Cheers :o)

  4. Blogger Marie 

    You are forgiven - this time. :) I hope all is going well.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    As long as you're not driving tonight!

  6. Blogger joey jo-jo jr. shabadoo 

    you're forgiven.

  7. Blogger Lee Ann 

    Happy HNT anyway! ;)

  8. Blogger Mellissa 

    Hi Lecram,

    Happy HNT to you!!! Now don't forget - put the key in the ingition tomorrow o.k. ;-)


  9. Blogger Tricia 

    I guess the update will have to do.
    Hotel info is always useful. HNT is useful too. Next week I hope.

  10. Blogger Jillian 

    Happy HNT!!!

  11. Blogger MamaKBear 

    Miss your HNTs, but I certainly understand!

    Happy HNT! :)

  12. Blogger BlackGirl 

    aww...too bad.
    HHNT anyway. looking forward next HNT!

  13. Blogger nosouthernbelle 


  14. Blogger bsoholic 

    Bummer... Happy HNT anyway!

  15. Blogger Christa 

    Happy HNT anyways :D

  16. Blogger Trojan 


    Just live vicariously through our HNT posts:)

  17. Blogger barefoot_mistress 

    I find it hard to believe that you dont have any spare body part photos around to post! Happy HNT

  18. Blogger snavy 

    Of course you are forgiven - but you are missed terribly!!!

  19. Anonymous Solitaire 

    I'm so sorry! But the show was amazing last night and I may even get on tonight too...I'll keep you posted!

  20. Blogger daisyduke 

    Oh well, maybe next time~

    miss you!


  21. Blogger thereminman 

    yeah, lecram puts up a 2/3rds nekked woman and gets 62 responses immediately. That guy knows how to work the circus! Ok, your legs are nice too.

  22. Blogger thereminman 

    woops, I thought I was posting on kien's site....ok, lecram's legs are also pretty.

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