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  • It's the early AM (3:30) and I awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed. I'm not necessarily a morning or late-night person... more of an anytime of person. This is why the regularity of standard employment just seemed to curb my flexibility and often made me feel like a drone.
  • I do like trimming the lawn with the electric mower which I am planning to do in a bit. The smell of freshly cut grass is wonderful except for the nasal tickle of allergies.
  • Saturday use to be my favorite day of the week. Now it's Friday.
  • Often when creating their own universe people forget to invite others in and are befuddled as to why they feel lonely. They suddenly discover that exclusivity often leaves one standing in the middle in a big empty room.
  • The culture of blame only propagates the feelings of helplessness and victimization. Prolonged practice can often lead to an abysmal need of entitlement and practical uselessness.
Worlds Apart and Strangly Similar
There is a pro-Polygamy rally in Salt Lake City, Utah today and a decision on a woman who changed her religion in Malaysia.

EDIT 2: 7:50 AM
I'm off to the coffeeshop and will sign on as lecramoutside on the chat from there around 8:30 my time. If you're so inclined... drop me a hello!

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