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... "selective compassion" and "attachments" but decided against it. This topic has been swirling around in various conversations I've engaged in over the past week... but I'm going to let it lie. (If you really want to know... read this interview with the Dalai Lama who is a lot more articulate on the subject than I can ever be.) I decided to take myself out for a drink at the local pub instead. When I return... and if something strikes me as blog-worthy... there will be an addition to this post.

an hour 15 minutes later...

Just got back and for a Sunday night Livingstone's was packed. I did have a drink and ordered some chicken quesedillas that hit the spot. Couldn't finish the order though so there's lunch tomorrow. I use to be quite the regular at Livingstone's since it was sort of the Sardis of Fresno. Most of the theatre crowd use to hang there especially post-show to catch a drink and a bite to eat. (They still do actually.) Sunday nights used to be dead... which I sort of liked... just as a change from the wall-to-wall people place it usually is. It was the night were I could get a quiet drink and ponder the week ahead. So, it was a little surprising to see as many folk there tonight. Just another change, I guess.

Here's a question... "What has changed significantly in your life... from a year ago?"

EDIT: Check out Kien's Monday LIVE!

more in the AM.

EDIT: 9:11 AM

Blogging from the Revue where the discussion is about "Snakes On The Plane". Someone just suggested a sequel titled "Gerbils On The Plane." I read Carleyjayjay's review of her experience seeing this movie. I'm guessing this is going to become the new "Rocky Horror Picture Show" type experience.

Some of you regulars are a little befuddled about the chat thingy. Part of that is my fault. I guess I should list a "how to"... so, here it is...
  1. If you see "lecram" or "lecramoutside" in the chat box with the message "I'm ON" (time PST) you can assume that I am.
  2. If you then want to chat with me... just type in the box provided and hit "enter". You message will appear as "gabber (number)".
  3. If you hate being listed as a gabber... type your name in the box next to "change". You name will change.
  4. I am online sporadically throughout the day. I will make sure to also list the time when I'm off. (Though my friends will contend that this has been so for years.)
Hope that helps.

EDIT: 1:30
So, just after I post the "how to" the net gets wacky n funky for about 2 hours which of course affects the chat thingy. LOL! It's working now though.

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