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... I'm am most curious about the feel of the place. Every place has it's own vibe. This is true especially about towns and cities.

I've made it a habit to always check out at least one local news broadcast whenever I visit another city. (This happens far to rarely these days though.) But local news departments usually do a fair job of presenting a "face" and mindset of a city. It's usually a pretty good starting point.

I then look for "local" hangouts. If I am in a small town it's usually the local "greasy spoon". If I've never been to a place before I will of course check out the "tourista" spots... but eventually I will spend at least three quarters of the time strolling and feeling out the local joints. I eat local... find out what the specialties are ans try them. Besides, I'm quite a fan of food and taste leaves as much of a sensuous imprint as anything.

It's interesting how places have their own unique collective soul and personality. It's something that the residents of the place share... unwittingly or not. "Just the way it is here." That's what I strive to get at least a whiff of ... it's essence. And I attempt to take it in without the imposition of judgment or prejudice.

The paragraph before this also applies to my experience of people. So, quoting a line from one of my plays.

"If at any opportunity we happen to be sharing a sliver of time together... just lay your bottle on the lip of my cup... and pour."

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