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... of the morning seeps into the room from the open door. The glow of the new day is breaking as the dogs yelp at the paper guy. This begins another 3 day stint of triple digit temps before going back to the seasonal 90's. Perhaps I'll take an early jaunt to the coffeeshop and continue this post from there.
Got to the coffeeshop a little later than anticipated. The gang here is not as chatty today. Must be the anticipation of the next 3 days.
So, for the last couple of weeks I've been running into all sorts of folk who at one time or another were involved in productions of mine. Many are now young adults who used to be little bittys when I was working at the Children's Playhouse both as a playwright and director in residence. Last night was a prime example.

SSM and I were having some drinks over at Lipari's when this attractive young woman walks in. We both notice her (obviously) and after a while I ask if she was in one of my shows. Turns out she was. We chat a little and find out that she is on her way to Irvine to pursue a degree in "the classics". A pleasant meet-up all in all.

Sometimes it is a little disconcerting when this happens. Mainly because they call me by name and I have to search my memory as to where I know them from. (Shit, afterall... they called me by name!) I use to be embarrassed when I've had to ask them to remind me about the circumstances of where we met. I have since gotten over this and now just engage them in conversation about what they are doing these days. It's nice to be remembered. Some of them will ID me as that "storyteller guy" who came to their school. Generally the ones who know me by name are either cast or crew members from previous productions or ex-students... and the visits are always good. Sort of a constant reminder of the stops I've made on this journey through life.

It's not a bad place to be... not a bad place to be at all.

EDIT: Residents of the Big NO... you are now on notice!

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