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I'm actually blogging from the Revue Cafe at the moment. Writing here and 3 games of freecell has been my routine to rev up ye ole write engine for this project. Momentum is what it's all about. The physical act of typing - hitting the keys so that there is a direct flow from brain to finger tips. Freecell on the other hand is a means to orientate the mind to fall into some form of organization. It's one of the few solitaire games where the player can actually win with every play... and it's all about placement... really prepares me with structure on an intuitive level.

I've always been quite astounded just how we have to trick our brains into performing the way we want it too. I am also amazed how a physical action like typing activates the creative flow... for writers. I suppose it's akin to the physical act of playing an instrument for musicians. I use to edit as I wrote but found that it actually hampered the process... sort of like the start and stop of a football game... the loss of momentum just jerks me out of the zone.

UPDATE 10:21 PM: A good writing day. More than half the show is completed. I was way laid by a meeting in the evening that I called that was unavoidable but I do have tomorrow to finish off the first draft... and I do think I can. Sure, it still needs (a lot of) work but it's actually turning out better than I expected. Then it's a matter of development through rehearsals. Zonthar, if you are reading this... you will receive the show via email by tomorrow evening. Email me your "free time" schedule and we'll get this puppy fleshed out. If any of you are reading this in the morning... Happy (I so don't want to go to work) Tuesday!

10 Responses to “At the Revue”

  1. Blogger dusty 

    Actually I don't edit till I publish it and then go back in and edit..dumb as hell but it works for me..

    hope you got some work done marcel..if not..there is tomorrow..right?

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    dusty - reached my goal this afternoon... though there is still more to go. Thanks for the "rah-rah!" :)

  3. Blogger lime 

    funny the different ways our brains work and what gets each of them running. glad you are making progress!

  4. Blogger KFarmer 

    Happy New Camera Tuesday!

    My brain is sluggish and can't seem to get a kick start anywhere.

    Glad to hear you are making such great progress. I am waiting in anticipation for the final results!

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Cor! The writing process must work wonders for you! I could have sworn you were of darker complexion and of one typing hand the last time I saw you! :)

  6. Blogger Solitaire 

    I am very impressed with how you manipulate your mind lecram!!!

    Good luck on finishing the piece! I'm trying to get memorized on the piece I just picked up

  7. Blogger lecram sinun 

    lime - the mind is an amazing thing, isn't it?

    kfarmer - I had a slugish brain last week! :) BTW I'll be posting a rough of the show soon!

    kien - in the cyber world anything is possible! LOL!

    sol - good luck with the piece you just picked up. You'll probably be able to find me sitting in the dark at stone's today.

  8. Blogger Mellissa 

    We all have our "prep" stuff for writing. My thoughts usually get organized in the shower while waiting for the conditioner to do its "thing"...

    Then again - I write crap, not things that people actually would want to enact on a stage ;-)


  9. Blogger dusty 

    Hope its going good today Marcel..its happy hour lol..hope your happy and its going according to plan :)

  10. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Mellissa - I would not say what you write is crap... it's actually very good. :) And you do have an audience!

    dusty - happy hour just didn't happen today :( I'll get it finished though.

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