friday... friday... friday...

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... and there is a long weekend ahead. It will be long and busy for me. There are meetings and work... lots more work.

At 9 PM last night I turned off the computer and laid down in my bed watching whatever dribble was on network TV. My mind and body retaliated against my will to continue work on the website. I creatively just shut down. Perhaps I just needed to get away for a while. I start back up today.

There is a pre-meeting tonight, a volunteer meeting tomorrow and a core meeting on Monday. Plus my students are rehearsing all weekend in my driveway. (BTW their show is finally beginning to gel.) I also have begun on my own show. I'm hoping that by Monday a working draft will be completed. Then I continue rehearsing, developing and shaping it for a paying audience.

More later perhaps...

5 Responses to “friday... friday... friday...”

  1. Blogger Solitaire 

    I so relate! I was so tired last night I think I fell asleep at 9:30 pm. Try to stay awake today... see ya this weekend!

  2. Blogger KFarmer 

    I did my 9 1/2 hours yesterday, grabbed a beer when I got home and fell in the hot tub- I was out by 9:30 too ;)What a freaking day...

    Hoo Hoo for the week-end! The girls are coming over in about an hour and we are going to make cupcakes for my nieces bday party tomorrow- and yes, drink some more beer!

    Have a good week-end and try to get some r&r- its good for the creative process and for you!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    la la la la la la la!

  4. Blogger D'Andre 

    I can relate to all the time and effort spent preparing for something; especially something you enjoy. Keep going, but take little breaks, walks or something in shorter spurts to keep your mind going..

  5. Blogger dusty 

    I enjoy these updates from you about the festival..makes me feel a part of it somehow...or perhaps just being there for the "birth" of it..I know, you been doing it for a long time, but still..each one is "new" right? Another child so to speak...with its own personality..

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