hooking up and uselessness

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I was having an amusing conversation the other day with a friend about this very subject. This is how the conversation began.

"You ever notice how useless people get when they get hooked up? You don't see them anymore. They don't call... or return your calls. They never want to do anything anymore. And if by chance you do run into them... they are with their "other" enraptured in their sickly, sweet bliss. Just makes you want to puke."

I once had a theatre instructor who would refuse to give tech duties to anyone who was in the throes of early passion.

"I know he needs the assignment but he's gonna be useless for at least 3 to 8 weekss... I won't be able to trust him to do the job well enough." he would mutter. "Not to worry, it'll even out in a bit... then we'll have a crack lighting designer again." And during my entire time in college... he was right.

This has got very little to do with the one night stand or the odd fling. It's more about the hook up with the "potential long termer". Look we've all been there before... and it is bliss. (Good God, is it bliss!!) But being the observer on the outside looking in does pose it's own set of challenges. The sudden and uncontrollable need to puke... just to name but one. LOL!

I'm one of those who actually gets quite a chuckle out of observing the whole thing. Usually it's with my "strong" women friends who suddenly begin sounding like the helpless belle from a bad romance novel in their conversations. For the most part I'm happy that they are getting love... or at the very least getting laid. It's just that at least 3 months before the same person wouldn't go past 5 minutes without trying to prove how "independent" they really were (and saying so)... and now they are all peachy jello with the need for constant amorous attention every mili-second.

What totally cracks me up is the bordering on asshole arrogance "Oh, you wouldn't understand" attitude that they project. (Often they will even proclaim it.) Like they are the only people to EVER experience such total bliss. Well, I guess each and every experience we encounter should be unique... or we'd like to think so. It does put a value to the little time we inhabit this mortal coil.

So, to all of you out there who are in love, think you are in love, etc... your day is coming up. Enjoy it with gusto! Hope it all takes and works out great. Just remember that the word is LOVE... and it's really about the active and selfless act of giving.

13 Responses to “hooking up and uselessness”

  1. Blogger lime 

    your last sentence was the most important..........when all the ooey gooey feelings ebb, what binds us together?

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    lime - :) I couldn't agree with you more. Took me a whole post to get to that! LOL!

  3. Blogger Zonthar 

    Like I've always said- love is not a spectator sport.

  4. Blogger lecram sinun 

    zonthar - nope, it surely ain't... but the act of love could be. LOL!

  5. Blogger BTExpress 

    Over the years, my son would often complain about his friends disappearing when they "fell in love". It's funny to see him doing the same thing now that he is in love.

  6. Blogger lecram sinun 

    BTExpress - when the shoe fits it is different, huh? LOL!

  7. Blogger dusty 

    Love..the first 4 letters of the word "evolve"..

    people do morph into something different when they fall in love I guess..I notice people bitch about those newly "in love"..I just smile and know that eventually they come out of their coma and back to their regularly scheduled programming..

    But, if your in need of your own "space" for something just as important to you as LOve, then you aren't quite as enamored of it. Not everyone falls off the deep end when they fall "in love".

  8. Blogger 212designs 

    your instructor was brillant!

    you just game me my idea for a vday shirt!

    "I'm not stupid...
    i'm just in love"


  9. Blogger thereminman 

    the last sentence was the best, cuz it sort of referenced a beatle song, and that makes it a really neat-o sentence.

  10. Blogger Deadly Female 

    That is so very very true xx

  11. Blogger Lelly 

    I Know what you mean Cuz, And I also konow that you can get thruogh that irritating stage and go on to...umm some other stage if you hang onin there! I am drunk but I am also celebrating 25 years of unmarried blissy stuff with my man tomorrow..Valentine's day..yay! how pukey is that! (How BIZARRE isthat!)

  12. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Dusty - really like that "evolve" thing. :)

    212designs - perfect time to market those t-shirts!

    thereminman - and the word is love... all you need is...

    Deadly Female - :)

    Lelly - 25 years of living in sin! Congratulations, Cuz!

  13. Blogger airplanejayne 

    Lecram --
    LOL! thanks for making me smile!

    okay, okay - I PROMISE that when Brad/Val/Johnny/George/or/whomever FINALLY decides to to grace me with his presence (presents!?!?) and undying affection (effection!?!?) that I will not disappear, or become a simpering belle....
    although I do hope he rings my bell!!


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