It's Friday ... and the start to a long weekend!

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I really can't wait to get out of work today. I felt that way the first thing this morning when I got to work. I have so many errands to run for the Rogue.. I'm thinking I should have taken the day off. I have 6 more days to burn... and am using most of them for the upcoming Festival.

T-shirts should be ready today. I'll make sure to post pics. I'll also see about making them available to you out there in blogland if you want to make a purchase or two.

Thank you to those of you who came by and left comments yesterday. :)

UPDATE: 11:15 AM
Thank God we have short periods today. I am so hating my students today... OK, actually they've been irritating the whole week. Once the Spring hits thay begin bouncing off the walls... the hormones kick in and they become raging horny lunatics. Then at 2 PM there is an assembly... not one of my favorite things as I am the "default AV guy" at work. Can't wait for the end of the work day... even though I have tons to do... it will be a welcome break.

I'm picking up the t-shirts at 3 PM. There is a press photoshoot at 4 PM. I have to send stuff to the printers between that... then perhaps I'll have a drink for Happy Hour. A scotch soda sounds so good right now.

more to post later... perhaps.

10 Responses to “It's Friday ... and the start to a long weekend!”

  1. Blogger Solitaire 

    You and I are on the same page. Hopefully we'll have enough people Saturday to make the day go fast. I'm very excited about the shirts and I can't wait to see them! Thank you for all your hard work!

    See ya tomorrow!

  2. Blogger aughra 

    I think I have a picture for Rogue. Thanks for reminding me!!

  3. Blogger KFarmer 

    I am getting so excited about everything coming together. Try not to hurt your horny students- Hell, even the birds around here are acting well, like they're in love, for the very first time. It's in the air, use it to your advantage :)

  4. Blogger Deadly Female 

    Looking forward to seeing those t-shirts!

  5. Blogger lecram sinun 

    sol - yup busy weekend up for both of us.

    aughra - I can't wait to see it! :)

    kf - I'm just glad I don't have to deal with them until Tuesday.

    df - pictures coming soon!

  6. Blogger D'Andre 

    My man; drinking scotch... If you ever want to try a fine single malt (assuming you have not tried this) pick up a bottle of Glenronach 15year.... Sherry cask and all it is a nice drink...

    But no SODA!!!!!hehe Take care and keep pushin along. It's almost here...

  7. Blogger lecram sinun 

    d'andre - I usually do it neat or on the rocks except for the cheapo brands... that's with soda to save my gut. LOL!

  8. Blogger lime 

    i don't think i realized you were a teacher. heaven bless you. hope you do get to chill a bit this weekend!

  9. Blogger lecram sinun 

    lime - yup, unfortunately I think I'll be giving up that gig by June.

  10. Blogger dusty 

    well, I went to work at 6 AM in hopes of getting done soon enough to drive up there and help out..didn't happen:(

    Cant' wait to see the T's..its getting close isn't it?

    Oh..the explosion at the biodiesel place was not a burn..the place burned to the ground I guess...or is in the process of doing so.

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