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My friend, Solitaire breezed by and decided to be my guest for this week's HNT. So here she is! She is new so go over to her blog for more pics and show her the LOVE for handling my puppets!

HNT @ the Rogue is coming on well. If you want in.... send an email to the lovely Paul who is our HNT Rogue Coordinator. We are still trying to score more laptops for the project. I'm busier than I want to be... but pre-work is what makes for a successful Rogue... and in this state I'm not really in shape to be half-nekkid.

See ya on the upswing... and Happy HNT!

EDIT: BTW shadow puppet theatre is called "Wayang Kulit" in Malay... Translated ... "Skin Theatre" (because the puppets are made out of bovine hide and horn.) So, one could say this post really puts the "kulit" back into the "wayang."

63 Responses to “HNT Special Guest!”

  1. Blogger Evilicious Blonde 

    Gorgeous picture. I looooove the colors.

    Happy HNT Lecram and Solitaire!

  2. Blogger 212designs 

    hey i get to dote on you twice! SWEET!


    very nice you two

    i'm jealous
    or envious,..
    yes envious....

  3. Blogger Binsk 

    sexy and fun...well done!!!

    Yeah I rhymed.

  4. Blogger Robert van de Walle 

    She's very sweet to look at! Nice, thank you!

  5. Blogger D'Andre 

    Very nice!!!! HHNT

  6. Blogger Crimson 

    I like! Very pretty and festive :)

  7. Blogger Zonthar 

    Dammit Lecram, you always have more hot nekkid chicks around you than a gay man. The Shrine lives......

  8. Blogger Hope 

    awesome photo! HHNT!

  9. Blogger lime 

    wowie zowie~~!! happy HNT!

  10. Blogger VirgoJen 

    Wow, that's hot!

  11. Blogger Lee Ann 

    Very beautiful! Happy HNT!

  12. Blogger bsoholic 

    Hot special guest!!! Awesome!

    Happy HNT to both of you.

  13. Blogger Seamus 

    Smokin' Solitaire! Happy HNT! :)

  14. Blogger EroticFae 

    Beautiful! the puppets too ;)


  15. Blogger Stephanie 

    ummm WOW
    happy HNT

  16. Blogger Professor Fate 

    How do I get beautiful mystery guests?

    Happy HNT!

  17. Blogger ArenaXXX 

    That a very very sexy picture there...


  18. Blogger The Funky Bee 

    WOW! You can't go wrong with a "guest" like that! Happy HNT Lecram!

  19. Blogger barefoot_mistress 

    Wow she looks awesome, and the picture is way colorful! Happy HNT, Lecram and Solitaire

  20. Blogger HS 

    wow, very exotic and erotic! I love it!

  21. Blogger BlackGirl 

    reminds me of mardi gras!
    very it! HHNT!

  22. Blogger Wenchy 

    Beautiful picture that.

  23. Blogger Furzl 

    Stunning Image. HHNT

  24. Blogger MamaKBear 

    Wow! Fabulous guest!

    Happy HNT! :)

  25. Blogger Freiya 

    beautiful, i love the colours of the puppets, and the fabulous pose :)

  26. Anonymous Tina 

    Really beautiful guest! Happy HNT!

  27. Blogger NiCandCo 

    Absolutely amazing! I love this!

  28. Blogger boo 

    lovely puppets & sexxy boots. HHNT :)

  29. Blogger Jay 

    very sexy happy hnt

  30. Blogger Chickie 

    What a neat picture!

  31. Blogger Mark Leslie 

    Stunning, gorgeous. Nice guest choice, Lecram. Happy HNT!

  32. Blogger Angel Girl 

    Absolutely stunning, beautiful, and exotic. I love the colors in the picture!


  33. Blogger Lelly 

    Happy HNT Cuz! Nice pic!

  34. Blogger snavy 

    Just beautiful - such a great picture!!!


  35. Blogger Jillian 

    Awesome photo! I love the colors!

    Happy HNT!

  36. Blogger Tammy 


    Happy HNT!

  37. Blogger aughra 

    back in the wuyang? Hee!!

    Happy HNT, my dear.

  38. Blogger Babs 

    Lecram & Solitaire - quite nice. Very hot! HHNT :)

  39. Blogger Jeff 

    Happy HNT!

  40. Blogger Arbusto 

    Looks good! Happy HNT.

  41. Blogger Marie 

    That's an excellent shot! I love it...and she's beautiful. :) Happy HNT!

  42. Blogger dusty 

    Its beautiful..nice work!

    Happy HNT marcel!

  43. Blogger TequilaGirl 

    Beautiful pic!

    Happy HNT!

  44. Blogger cinders 

    That's gorgeous... lucky photography. And lucky puppets.

  45. Blogger AndyT13 

    I'm a big fan of solitaire! Rock on! HHNT!

  46. Blogger Sunny Delight 

    wow, sexy, and the puppet is awesome! HHNT!

  47. Blogger * ! Libraaaa ! * 

    very sexxxxy!!! HHNT to u both =)

  48. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I love the puppet over the body, it is a nice contrast.

  49. Blogger Lil Bit 

    verrrrrrrrry cool!
    Happy HNT to ya BOTH! =D

  50. Blogger Pieces 

    Wow very nice!! HHNT to you and the guest ;0)

  51. Blogger Solitaire 

    Thanks for helping me pop my cherry!!! ;-)


  52. Blogger Jericho 

    great! colorful and teasing ~ HHNT!

  53. Blogger Alice 

    ooh i like!! so discreet yet naughty :-) hhnt!

  54. Blogger Queen of Ass 

    Very cool shot, Sugar! HHNT

  55. Blogger kellywalters 

    I had to enlarge to see what that was..

    yeah.. thats why I enlarged that shit..

    cause I wanted to see what she was holding..



  56. Blogger SignGurl 

    Nice placement of props!

    Very Sexy!

  57. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Nice skin on skin!

  58. Anonymous Tommy Gunn 

    That's OK Lecram. I totally understand. I feel like a hand of Solitaire right about now anyway. LOL. HHNT Mate. Wow she is hot.

  59. Blogger robmcj 

    Very imaginative, Lecram.

  60. Blogger Trojan 

    Lecram...awesome per always. Happy HNT!!!!!!!

  61. Blogger Darkneuro 

    Beautiful puppets, beautiful girl! HHNT!

  62. Blogger Alien 

    very sexy.
    H hNt

  63. Blogger Mz. Naughty 

    Very Festive.. lovely shot!!


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