The ongoing weekend and the dead camera

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So, my digital camera died and as a result, pictures of the new Rogue t-shirt will have to wait a bit. I was the culprit as I had used and abused the poor thing until it just gave up the ghost. Services will be announced later.

My students are rehearsing their show in my driveway. Several members were no-shows and I will be reading them the riot act tomorrow. They open their show in less than 2 weeks. (So do I.)

Once their rehearsals are over I plan on taking the laptop and heading out to the neighborhood pub to continue writing my show. On this particular project I find that the "white noise" of the pub is actually condusive to the creation of this piece. The other reason being (never thought I'd ever say this) there are just too many distractions at home.

Since I'm off tomorrow... (Some would maintain that I've been off for years.) I think I may do the same thing. Hopefully I'll have a good first draft by the evening.

I am actually very pleased with what I wrote tonight. I actually exceeded my projected goal. Now if bill collectors and any other "real life" distractions do not way-lay me... I think I'll be able to get a lot more accomplished tomorrow. I'm planning on an early start tomorrow but I'll keep you updated on my progress. For all of you who have commented... a MEGA thank you for your support... I'll send you to the link to the raw version to my show soon! :) Oh yeah... my new camera (that I promise not to abuse too much ) will arrive on Tuesday.

6 Responses to “The ongoing weekend and the dead camera”

  1. Blogger lime 

    lecram sans digital camera??? say it ain't so! hope ya got all the work done you wanted to accompllish.

  2. Blogger D'Andre 

    That means you really use your camera and that is a good thing. I don't know if you have another camera in mind, but I have been using this one: Casio.. I have had quite a few, but this one takes the cake for me... Good luck on all the work...

  3. Blogger airplanejayne 

    good luck writing -- white noise and all.

    btw -- great BBQ sausages yesterday!


  4. Blogger Mellissa 

    I just love "white noise"...

    Hope your weekend has been a rejuvenating one ;-)


  5. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    if you didn't delete the pictures after taking my intial group of HNT shots, that might have been the problem. i noticed my camera seemed to do an urp after my ass shot. check for viruses.

  6. Blogger dusty 

    My condolences on the camera..I know your motherboard took a dump on my year and half year old laptop tuesday. My OLD but still working desktop is filling in..its slower than dialup but works.

    I am so excited about the rough draft on the play...when do we get a peek? soon? ok..I will hush..

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