multitasking is good except when...

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... you are riding a bicycle and talking on your cell at the same time. Case and point... I'm stealing some time away from work to jet off home to check on the upload status. As I'm driving the truck I pass (we shall call him Dude) riding his bike and talking on his cell. I come to a traffic intersection and slow to a stop for the red light. Dude, (busy still chatting and riding) bumps into the back of my truck and falls off his bike. Even though he is suffering from a bruised ego (furtive looks all around) Dude picks up his cell and resumes the conversation... gets on his bike and continues the way he was. And they say us humans have the capacity to learn.

I was too "designed out" last night to even work on the website. I'll get to it tonight.

The good news is that the upload was successful! Yay!

EDIT: Wow! I just noticed that I'm close to my 25, 000 visitor!

5 Responses to “multitasking is good except when...”

  1. Blogger 212designs 

    woo hoo

    have a red bull on me and get back at it now LOL

    i know i know i'm mean

    but hell yea on the upload
    check one more off.

    you got this in the bag.

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    212designs - nyup, 1 down and 50,000 to go! lol!

  3. Blogger KFarmer 

    Is there is no rest for the weary? Keep on pluggin...

  4. Blogger yep, it's me.... 

    aye carumba!

  5. Blogger dusty 

    congrats on the upload..

    funny story..take care!

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