I apologize...

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... once again for not having a HNT post up for those of you who came by. I know I've been a very bad boy. So, spank me... please. LOL! Circumstances were just beyond my control... and will continue to be for a while more. Bear with me.

On the upshot... we have added the 10th of March as the 3rd date to feature HNT @ the Rogue! So you bloggers who are intending on turning up... that would be a great weekend to do so.... catch some shows and join me at the Big Rogue Party on Saturday the 11th! I would dearly love to meet and hang with you! (I'll be the one walking in a stupor.) Now ::crack o the whip:: back to work. Cheers!

EDIT: So, on Good Morning America this AM they gave a nun a trip to the Super Bowl. I'm not a football nut... but for some reason this touched me to tears. Way to go, Sister!

4 Responses to “I apologize...”

  1. Blogger KFarmer 

    I just can't stand it that I won't be there- it sounds like so much fun. Damn.

  2. Blogger Night Flier 

    I'll be back to view the pics. Very cool blog you have here. Found my way over from Marie.

  3. Blogger dusty 

    If you got time to watch GMA dude....

    just kidding, dont work too hard Marcel.

    I think I will have to be there for that final weekend, but being a San Joaquin Valley resident I can go to all of it..I cant wait for the program to be listed on the site.

  4. Anonymous Tommy Gunn 

    Lecram, I will certainly take part in HNT @ The Rouge but that is not why I am commenting. I recently created a South Park avatar for my blog. I frequent Tish's blog and she commented that "By the way, this Southpark character looks just like Lecram Sinun! If you haven't seen him, check out his link in my sidebar. *ROFL*"
    Just for information, the avatar makes me look darker than I am but it was the closest skin color (in my opinion) I could use. I am actually a white man with American Indian blood living in the deep south (Louisiana). I also don't have hair like that anymore (due to my job), but I did at one time. I said that this is the "true me" and it really is (I quit smoking 10 weeks ago, also.) Check it out are we cosmic twins or is Tish just stoned? LOL Later dude.

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