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... at least it was at`work for most of today. Yes, I do use it a lot at work but it was actually amusing to watch my co-workers walking around with lost looks in their eyes. Some were even muttering "... it's down... it's down.." Perhaps we have become too dependent on it.

UPSHOT: Due to (exit exam) testing... I only have to show up at work at 11 AM tomorrow. I think I may just treat myself to some conversation and java at the local coffeeshop in the morning. Haven't been able to do that in some time.

GRAPHIC UPDATE: Completion target tonight! yay.

SHOW UPDATE: I actually began committing words to a file today... when I think it's shape has become defined enough to share... you'll be able to get a little peek at it.

GENERAL STATE: I'm feeling a little tired today... though I still have loads to... and most of it has to be completed by tonight. Perhaps a nap would be a good idea when I get off work.

more later perhaps...

11 Responses to “internet down...”

  1. Anonymous Solitaire 

    Congrats on all the work! I almost love it when the computers are down because I can have a semi normal life. I remember when there weren't computers around and we have to use our own imagination... alas, life was easier then.

  2. Blogger dusty 

    Good for you,getting caught up in the graphics dept..yes I hope you do take a will most likely be burning the midnight oil.

    Its crazy how dependant "we" as a whole have become on the internet..blogger was down for 7 hours the other night and I got emails screaming it was Bush going after the leftwing bloggers and all kinds of nutty stuff.It was a DOS thing I think..i read something about it coming up this past weekend..

    anyways..take care marcel..of yourself then the workload :)

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I wait with bated breath.

  4. Blogger KFarmer 

    I love when the computers go down at work-but that's just the rotten side of me. Legal work- BoRiNg!

    I go outside and start pulling weeds out of the flower beds :)

  5. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Solitaire -still plugging away!

    dusty - I think oil for that lamp is running out! LOL!

    kien lim - been hitting the sushi again I see. :)

    KFarmer - weeding, one of the other chores waiting for my attention.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    hmmm......more like garlic cream cheese!

  7. Blogger Deadly Female 

    A nap definitely sounds good xx

  8. Blogger lime 

    sounds like progress is being made. enjoy that nap when you get home. i think you've likely earned it

  9. Blogger MacManus 

    Hey bud, sounds like you are getting there.

    Its so going to be all worth it when you produce the biggest, baddest and best run Rogue ever.

    Let me know If you need me to help with anything else and give solitare a hug for me ;)

    Nice one brotha

  10. Blogger airplanejayne 

    picking up my new ride tonight.....
    expect a blog from me -- finally.

    yes, I know - but I've been busy fighting the hated insurance conglomerate...

    -and it appears I may be doing well.


  11. Blogger lecram sinun 

    kien lim - garlic cream cheese.... mmmm

    lime - it'll get there.

    paul - we'll pull it off somehow.

    apj - congrats on the new wheels... avoid parking under trees. LOL!

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