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I get up this morning. Head over to the computer to surf some blogs and all sorts of shit is happening. Os, (mighty creator of HNT) is pissed at someone... a group, I think. Addict has some situation in her life... that I'm assuming isn't pleasant. Sasha, is giving up and starting over. All somewhat disconcerting as all these posts were somewhat cryptic. That'll teach me to stop surfing for a week.

Actually it's strange and wonderful how through blogging we connect as deeply as we do. It's one of the aspects of blogging that I quite enjoy... being connected. That a circle is developed and created outside of my physical social circle who I actually give a damn about. I have learned much about many individuals through reading their blogs. Their loves, lives and their pain. And just as in life... "regulars" float in and out of our lives. Some who were fervent commentors in the past have stopped... new ones emerge. All are appreciated.

For those who have been stopping by with well wishes and support during my present "busy time"... please know that your comments are very much appreciated and have been a source of energy that I have been able to harness to spur me on. This year is turning out to be a longer haul than the past because the Festival has grown even more. Read the updates below.

  • HNT @ the Rogue has added another exhibit date. So now this "cyber gallery" will be featured at the festival from 5 - 9 PM, March 2, 9 & 10 at Javawava. If you live in the California and surrounding areas and intending on gracing us with your presence... here is a link to a post on hotels. EDIT: If you are flying in from elsewhere I will list some other fun things to enhance your stay here... but then again... what is more fun than the Rogue??? As stated before, I would love to meet you, break some bread and raise a glass or two while you are here. Feel free to email me. And remember the "closing night party" is always a hoot and a half... and will feature the Beatles cover band, Ticket To Ride (who BTW are playing tonight at the Starline) .
  • I got an email the other day from the City Council and the Rogue Festival is being given a Procamation by the city. So, Feb. 28th will be Rogue Festival Day! Woo Hoo!
  • There is a glimmer at the end of the sewer pipe on the graphic work. I should be done by this weekend. Yay! I will finally be able to create my new show! EDIT: This also means that I'll be on the prowl like a caged animal in heat as the creative process makes me oh so horny!
  • I was interviewed by the press a couple of days ago and I double booked myself today. There is a photoshoot and a participant meeting happening at the same time!!!
  • For the first time (this season) I feel we'll be able to pull this off... with some style.
  • The Rogue this year will feature over 70 performing groups and artists in 13 venues with close to 200 performances. Not bad for something that began as a joke... namely my own mid-life crisis! LOL! (If it happens again... I'm opting for the red sports car and the young babe.)
So, that's it from me for now.


15 Responses to “WTF???”

  1. Blogger Robert van de Walle 

    May the sports car and young babe be in your near future...

    Actually, after reading Addict's thought about "I have come to realize that some of us are born with holes in our souls, often we plug them with what ever is handy; sex, drink, drug," I can see that a car and a hottie are certainly less good for us middle-aged men than a creative solution like the Festival or a humanitarian project.

    Bless you, and keep up the good work!

  2. Blogger 212designs 

    i'm so jealous lol

    well not really, i'm thrilled for you.

    i know that feeling you speak of
    dare we call it accomplishment?

    you da man. man.

  3. Blogger lime 

    it really is amazing how we form attachments here isn't it? the 3Ds in my life don't quite get it. i try to explian it's really judt like a penpal without the delay. how many penpals have kept lifelong contact. how many soldiers ahd girls write to them that they never met, then went home and married them. it's all the same.

    as for the rogue, keep up the good work!!

  4. Blogger Zonthar 

    Don't you mean "Rouge Festival Day"?

  5. Blogger lime 

    aww lecram, thanks for the link. i really feel honored. i have such admiration for your creativity and wit!

  6. Blogger dusty 

    oh please..a babe and rag top over the Rogue..

    I look forward to seeing you and all that the Rogue offers..

    dont work too more..

  7. Blogger Deadly Female 

    Just popping in to check on my favourite hard-working festival organiser. And you can't give up for a while yet - one year I promise you that ~S~ and I will be there to raise a glass and break some bread with you. It's a shame it can't be this year, but we will get there, I promise.

    Now make sure you're eating properly, and sleeping when you can too xx

  8. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Robert van de Walle - Where a mid-life crisis is concerned I think the "trouble quotient" for the hot car and babe may exceed that of starting a festival. LOL!

    212designs - Looking forward to your submissions for HNT @ the Rogue.

    lime - I've often likened blogging to meeting at the town square. And on the addy... I've been meaning to for a while... and finally got to it. :)

    zonthar! - perhaps this time it could be the eye-liner festival! LOL!

    dusty - looking forward to seeing you too!

    Deadly Female - when you two do come.... we will surely have a grand time. :)

  9. Blogger KFarmer 

    Sounds like you have it going on- How about posting the photo and interview? I bet it's pretty interesting (if you have the time that is:) No pressure bloggy friend, no pressure.

  10. Blogger lecram sinun 

    kfarmer - It will come out the end of the month... I'll post it then. :)

  11. Blogger KFarmer 


  12. Blogger Dragion 

    Hi Lecram,
    I think 2006 is a year for a faster evolving of events than past years. Maybe the big zits were finally ready to get popped, but holy shit there seems to be more "starting over" and purging this year than most.
    I speak for myself (as always) but also notice it in many friends and colleagues(sp).
    Thank goddess for electronic tethers that keep us linked no matter the geography or the time zones.

  13. Anonymous Solitaire 

    I have a feeling you'll be able to catch up with everyone else just like you can with old friends you lost contact with, as if time wasn't lost. Thank you for the interesting weekend!!! ;-)

  14. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I have a photo that may be rogue worthy, I need to read where I submit it. It is on my site now not as an HNT post. I am standing in the street, pants down. If you like it I will submit it for the pictures.

  15. Anonymous Anonymous 

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